Picardy – 20/5/2015

Tasted with Dan Pannell at the Picardy winery in Pemberton, Western Australia.

Sauvignon Blanc Semillon 2014
Lovely delicate oyster shell notes, nice lychee lime and kiwi. Bit of bite and crunchy acidity, papaya apple, excellent balance and a nice textural nuttiness.

Chardonnay 2012
Deep ripe citrus apricot nice openness. Quite ripe barrel fermented notes, toasty nutty texture, but good fruit and acidity to balance.

Pinot Noir 2013
Beautiful, bright fresh clean, lovely balance of fruit and some mature green notes, perfect integrity and intensity.

2014 Merlot cabernet Sauvignon
Bold dark juicy but light and vibrant, sitting exceptionally well in the mid palate, nice bite hints of sour pomegranate and dark cherry, wonderfully drinkable but with poise.

Shiraz 2014
A bit closed, shy and reductive, dark on the nose. Tight lean focused classic cool climate fruit profile, nice tight but generous tannins, fresh, needs to settle in bottle a bit.

Dan Pannell from Picardy wines in Pemberton, Western Australia

Dan Pannell from Picardy wines in Pemberton, Western Australia

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Si Vintners – 19/5/2015

Tasted with Iwo Jankovicz in the Si Vintners winery in Margaret River.

Lello 2014
Oily herbal quince, floral mineral. Sherbety fresh open expression juicy and nice texture acidity.

Babayaga 2015 (98% skin contact sauvignon blanc, 2% whole bunch cabernet)
Has that same juicy profile as the Lello, just a totally different profile of fruit.

2015 Halcyon Chardonnay
Slightly closed toastiness, salty caramel coriander hazelnuts. Protecting itself for now, interesting bite, dense yet fresh fruits, cumquats.

Sin Syrah 2015
Juicy closed dark fruit chocolate. Very juicy soft but full flavours, hits of pepper, soft dark fruits, bit of bitter chocolate. Super yummy booze.

Sin Syrah 2014
Spicy white pepper violets and gherkin. Really nice bite had brightness, sweet and sour notes, very Szechuan nature.

Halcyon Pinot Noir 2014
Pretty dark fruits, juicy and fresh, good drinking, very friendly.

Halcyon Cabernet 2012
Possibly the best MR cabernet I’ve tasted.

Iwo Jakimowicz at Si Vintners in the Margaret River

Iwo Jakimowicz at Si Vintners in the Margaret River

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Dormilona – 19/5/2015

Tasted with winemaker Jo Perry in the Dormilona winery in the Margaret River.

2015 Semillon
Nice and juicy on the nose, fresh broad generous good balanced ripeness.

Semillon Sauvignon Blanc 2014
Rich full balanced fruit green and mineral. Presence on the palate,  nice texture and depth from lees contact.

2015 Chardonnay barrel
Earthy texture, great mid palate texture.

2015 Chardonnay pot
Much purity, much balance, much completeness.

Chardonnay 2014
Quite classic Margaret River Chardonnay aromatics, malo quite prominent for now.

2015 Chenin Blanc
Pure bright fresh light lean, long.

2015 Sauvignon
Sweet texture, floral brightness, lovely length, nice bit of bite late on the palate.

2015 Cabernet
Personality plus, plush but fine, nice balance with solid fruit.

Jo Perry from Dormilona Wines in the Margaret River

Jo Perry from Dormilona Wines in the Margaret River

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The Vincast Episode 051 – Iwo Jakimowicz from Si Vintners

Iwo Jakimowicz is the ‘I’ in Si Vintners, the ‘S’ being his wife Sarah Morris. In 2010 they bought a historic vineyard in southern Margaret River and immediately began farming it using organic then biodynamic practices, something still uncommon in the region. They have quickly garnered both praise and criticism for their very hands-off approaches, particularly in the winery, in what is a very established and traditional area where significant investment has been made in establishing pedigree and style. Listen to my chat with Iwo as he explains why he and Sarah chose this path, and why they hope that more producers will embrace this approach in the future.

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Iwo Jakimowicz at Si Vintners in the Margaret River

Iwo Jakimowicz at Si Vintners in the Margaret River

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Vasse Felix – 18/5/2015

Tasted in the Vasse Felix Cellar Door in Margaret River, Western Australia.

Filius Chardonnay 2014
Nice bright intense pure mineral notes. Very lean pure white peach lemon notes, quite moreish.

Chardonnay 2013
More savoury stone fruits, a little more savoury and smoky. Slightly broader and pithier textural style, bolder but also more closed.

Heytesbury Chardonnay 2013
Smokier shellfish notes, lots of lees work and barrel toast, charred citrus. Pretty dense and closed at the moment, a bit brusque and oaky.

Filius Cabernet Merlot 2013
Very light focused varietal example. Pleasant clean slightly green style, extremely quaffable.

Cabernet Sauvignon 2012
Tighter and more focused but also bolder, very lean and possibly lacking in fruit.

Heytesbury 2011
Better (riper) fruit on the nose, but still lacking personality. Am I missing something here?

Cane Cut Semillon 2013
Very good, very fresh, well-balanced sugar, neither thin nor fat/rich.

Vasse Felix wines

Vasse Felix wines

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Cullen – 18/5/2015

Wines tasted after a visit to Cullen in Margaret River.

Moon opposite Saturn Sauvignon Blanc
Quite light and a bit herbal, subtlety of the grassy asparagus note. Fresh and vibrant but still quite lean, very delicate dustiness.

Kevin John Chardonnay 2013
Ripe citrus notes sweet nuttiness. Soft rich light subdued leesy but showing a bit of alcohol at the moment, a very generous expression, perhaps needs more time.

Amber 2014
Quite phenolic on the nose, spicy herbal notes, kind of waxy. Very pleasant and probably better with food, a tad awkward though.

Rosé 2013
Very fine, good tannins, quite cabernet dominant.

Preservative Free Merlot 2014
Nice focus tannins small dark berries. Excellent expression of the variety, bright tight and focused, very dry.

Mangan East Block 2012
Quite subtle, closed focus, mature dustiness. Fresh and clean, bit of juiciness but focused tannins. Bit of savoury to boot.

Diana Madeline 2012
Quite closed and a more dusty expression, very subtle on the nose. Very generous and soft with just a touch of oak sweetness on the tannins, bold balanced generous but focused.

Diana Madeline 2011
A touch lean and green for the moment, subtle eucalyptus notes, ripe red capsicum. Juicy bright acids with that savoury green/red notes, quite intense tannins, great grip, more my style of vintage.

Cullen Winery

Cullen Winery

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McHenry Hohnen – 18/5/2015

Wines tasted at the McHenry Hohnen Cellar Door in the Margaret River region.

Amigos White (Marsanne, Chardonnay, Roussanne) 2011
Nice oiliness but not too fat or broad, not warm, balanced alcohol. Hints of herbs and spice, nice stone fruit core. Pleasant, not showing its age at all.

Calgardup Brook Chardonnay 2013
Quite soft and gentle, round creamy salted butter, nice rich leesy notes, integrated but also showing a bit of oak.

Rocky Rd Chardonnay 2013
A little flintier aromatically, darker riper stone fruits. Mealier texture on the palate, a little darker in fruit profile, slightly riper notes, a bit bolder, preferred style, more length.

Burnside Chardonnay 2013
Crunchier more graphite mineral notes, quite bold, smokier too. Fuller denser dried stone fruit, earthy density, quite exuberant but not obvious.

Amigos Red (Shiraz, Grenache, Mataro) 2011
Savoury smoked sausage, almost a burnt note, undergrowth. Nice darkness, good fruit, smokiness well-integrated, good grip but still fresh. Not just simple fruit.

Tiger Country (Tempranillo, Graciano, Petit Verdot) 2010
Very dusty red earth notes, tight but soft tannins, nice balance of fruit, quite dense could use some more time.


McHenry Hohnen Amigos White Blend


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