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The Vincast Episode 138 – Leanne De Bortoli from De Bortoli Wines

In 2018 De Bortoli Wines is celebrating 90 years of wine history in Australia, and as a member of the third generation, Leanne De Bortoli has worked tirelessly with her winemaker husband Steve Webber to take the company to new heights. Growing up in Griffith where the business was founded by her grandfather, she and Steve helped establish their Yarra Valley-based facility in the 1980s and was instrumental in evolving the brand image to a more premium one. In a number of ways and at numerous times De Bortoli have been trend-setters in the wine industry, and as a member of Australia’s First Families of Wine they are well placed to continue producing outstanding wines and having a positive influence.

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Leanne De Bortoli from De Bortoli Wines

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AAVWS 2016 Part Four – The Fellowship Experience

It was a distinct honour and a privilege to be named the third fellow for the Australian Alternative Varieties Wine Show. What an incredible insight into one of the most forward-thinking initiatives in the Australian wine scene today! Here are some of the amazing experiences that came with such an honoured award, I was truly humbled. Many thanks to the AAVWS for the opportunity to attend as the 2016 Fellow, I heartily encourage everyone to consider applying for this years show!

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May 4, 2017 · 2:08 pm

AAVWS 2016 Part Two – Talk and Taste seminars

On the second part of a series looking into the Australian Alternative Varieties Wine Show, I look at one of the most valuable events of the week – particularly for the producer exhibitors – Talk & Taste. These seminars provide a forum for guest speakers, some of whom are on the judging panel, to discuss topics very pertinent to those working with alternative varieties in Australia. This year panels covered three areas, I took some (very amateurish) footage from the front row, here are a few talking points. Many thanks to the AAVWS for the opportunity to attend as the 2016 Fellow, and also for the use of some pictures from the Facebook page.

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November 28, 2016 · 5:39 pm

Plonk – Season 2

If you are a wine lover with a sense of humour, and you haven’t heard of the digital series Plonk, then I have to ask, have you been living under a rock? You have even less excuses to make considering that the series creator and one of the stars, Nathan Earl, was a guest on my podcast The Vincast! Go on, have a listen to the episode here. Nathan has an incredible background in television and was one of the most important people behind the scenes on the iconic ABC Chaser shows. He was so thrilled to be able to incorporate his Hunter Valley roots and love of wine onto this irreverent look at wine and lifestyle shows.

The exciting news is that the second season of this hilarious program, after a successful first-run on Stan, is now available on the Plonk YouTube channel. They’ve broken up the six episodes into ten minute chunks, making them easier to digest. One of the biggest highlights for me was seeing so many awesome wine industry people make some cameos, and in some cases really show off their acting chops! So many moments take a good-natured piss-take on some of the ridiculous things that we do in the business which have the potential of putting people off as being a bit pretentious. So give it a watch now!

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November 10, 2015 · 9:59 am