Vino Intrepido Wines

In 2016 I decided to test some of the theories that I had developed about Italian grape varieties in Australia and I purchased my first tonne of grapes; sangiovese from the Heathcote region. My intention was to use some techniques that I hoped would create a wine that was fresh, crunchy, textural but above all, delicious! I was so thrilled and surprised with the results, that I decided to continue in the 2017 vintage, and thus the Vino Intrepido project was born. In the past five vintages I have made 18 wines, worked with eight varieties across seven regions, and learned so much!

If you would like to find out more about my wine project you can watch a video series on my YouTube channel that chronicled the first two vintages. I have now set up the new Vino Intrepido website where there are lots of pictures and plenty of information about the wines. I’ll be updating it moving forward with information about regions, growers and grape varieties as well! You can also buy the wines directly from the new website! Thanks for your support, you can also email me on