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The Vincast LIVE with Ben Ranken & Dan Buckle – What are the right grape varieties for Australian wine?

Late in 2017, in conjunction with Ear Buds, I held the first edition of The Vincast Live at Noisy Ritual in Brunswick East and on Facebook Live. Two former guests of The Vincast – Ben Ranken from Galli Estate (Episode 127) and Dan Buckle (Episode 67) from Chandon Australia – joined myself and co-host Nevena Spirovska (Quickie Podcast) to talk about grape varieties in Australia: what are they, why are they, where are they and what are the best ones? I hope you enjoy this chat, as much as the live audience did. Please provide us with some feedback and interest in a future edition.

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Ben Ranken, Dan Buckle, Nevena Spirovska and myself

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Borgo Molino – Vinitaly 2015

NV Motivo Rosé
Very bright fresh red fruits, plenty of fruit sweetness, good acidity to support, it’s more rosé in colour rather than wine as the glera dominates the palate. Pretty lovely wine though.

2014 Motivo Prosecco DOC
Tighter leaner on the palate, quite crisp, very dry, a bit of texture, the glera is a bit more subdued in this. A much drier style of prosecco.

NV Valdobbiadene DOCG
Quieter cleaner on the palate, unctuous on the palate, bight and crunchy, R/S well integrated, fresh bright. Not quite good enough for the price.

Cuvee Extra Dry
Crunchier tighter more mouth puckering but still very focused, a bit drier, the glera is well tamed by the manzoni bianco, but it is also a little less expressive.

09 Millesimato Brut 2014
Pure quiet elegance, very dry but lacking in the palate a bit, sharp and a little awkward, not as good as the others. Prefer the Extra Dry wines. Perhaps just a bit young.

Prosecco Frizzante
Actually quite pleasant, very fresh, nice and lean, bubbles fade quite quickly, great for spritz. Very very easy to drink, quite good for the price.

Corte delle Rose
Very delicate light spritz perfect for spritz drinks, under screw cap may mess with people’s head a bit. Needs more research, also needs soda water with the aperol. Enough fruit though, actually a pretty lovely wine on its own.

The Intrepid Wino with Pietro Nardin from Borgo Molino

The Intrepid Wino with Pietro Nardin from Borgo Molino

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The Intrepid Wino drank things in 2014

Last year was a particularly good year for drinking for me, I have to admit it. Thanks to all the fantastic people I met and venues I discovered, who all work with some beautiful products, I got to both taste and drink (sometimes a bit too much) some amazing stuff. Some of these wines were tasted at events or trade tastings, some at my favourite bars & restaurants, and a few were tasted at wineries I visited (which was too rare in 2014). You’ll notice that many of these wines are Italian which very much reflects where I was at this year working for an importer of Italian wines, and also visiting Italy in June.

Let me know what you think, and tell me in the comments what were your highlight wines for 2014.


2014 was a momentous year as it was the first time I tasted Claret!

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Casa Coste Piane – 13/06/2014

Casa Coste Piane (2013 vintage)
Fresh bright gleaming in the glass, nice texture salinity, vibrant peach pear fruit, seamless acidity and salinity, refreshing without a lot of bubbles.


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Silvano Follador – 13/06/2014

Prosecco Superiore 2013
Concentrated juicy fruit, extremely varietal, lots of crisp apples. Clean consistent long nice fruit with minerality showing much stronger on the palate.

Cartizze 2013
Much more subtle on the nose, more mature fruits and spices. Very bright on the palate very serious fruit concentrated and longer on the palate, deep complexity.

Metodo Classico 2011 (50 months on lees)
Lees autolysis veritably jumps out of the glass, but fruit supports quite nicely. Rich creamy brioche sitting over apple fruit, almost like an apple tart. Settled down a lot, almost shy, very unusual unexpected expression.


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