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The Vincast LIVE with Ben Ranken & Dan Buckle – What are the right grape varieties for Australian wine?

Late in 2017, in conjunction with Ear Buds, I held the first edition of The Vincast Live at Noisy Ritual in Brunswick East and on Facebook Live. Two former guests of The Vincast – Ben Ranken from Galli Estate (Episode 127) and Dan Buckle (Episode 67) from Chandon Australia – joined myself and co-host Nevena Spirovska (Quickie Podcast) to talk about grape varieties in Australia: what are they, why are they, where are they and what are the best ones? I hope you enjoy this chat, as much as the live audience did. Please provide us with some feedback and interest in a future edition.

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Ben Ranken, Dan Buckle, Nevena Spirovska and myself

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The Vincast Live 5/12/2017 – “What are the ‘right’ grape varieties for Australian wine?”

I was thrilled to host the first ever edition of The Vincast Live in conjunction with the Ear Buds Podcast Network. Joining me as co-host was wine enthusiast, activist and fellow podcaster (Quickie) Nevena Spirovska (who is also the person that invited to me to be a member of the network).

For the first edition of this new and exciting concept, we discussed the topic – “What are the ‘right’ grape varieties for Australian wine?”  Not only is the Australian wine industry rapidly evolving with new grape varieties and alternative techniques, but so are the tastes of Australian wine consumers. With so many different options for planting in a multitude of different regions, what are the right choices to keep up with developments and trends when it comes to vitis vinifera?

Joining us were winemakers and former guests of The Vincast; Dan Buckle from Chandon Australia and Circe Wines and guest on Episode 67 (and Episode 117) of The Vincast; and Ben Ranken from Galli Estate and Wilimee Wines, guest on this week’s episode of the podcast. There were wines for tasting relevant to the topic to fuel further discussion. I’m thrilled that we held this event at Noisy Ritual in Brunswick East, owned and operated by another former guest – Alex Byrne from Episode 80 – where I also made my first Vino Intrepido wine.

The Facebook Live video can be seen here https://www.facebook.com/IntrepidWino/videos/1933081903375167/ and the episode will be available on The Vincast soon!

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