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The Vincast with Emma Bentley

Emma Bentley is an English-born, Paris-based International Winery Consultant. During her varied career in the wine industry – mostly based in either France or the UK – she gradually began to find an affinity with natural wine producers, particularly those from Italy. She made the bold decision to offer her services to these wineries in helping them grow their business and educate trade and consumers in the intricacies of their terroir and traditions. She joined me on this episode of The Vincast to share her story.

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Emma Bentley

Emma Bentley

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Cantine Filippi – Villa Favorita 2015

Vigne della Bra 2013
Quite powerful and builds on the palate, quite fresh but lovely citrus pith texture. Richness without excessive warmth.

Monteseroni Garganega 2013
Fresh mineral oxidation. Full yet light? Fresh but mellow? A bit odd.

Turbiana 2013
Nice density concentration still very light and fresh with hints of savoury.

Filippo Filippi

Filippo Filippi


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The Intrepid Wino drank things in 2014

Last year was a particularly good year for drinking for me, I have to admit it. Thanks to all the fantastic people I met and venues I discovered, who all work with some beautiful products, I got to both taste and drink (sometimes a bit too much) some amazing stuff. Some of these wines were tasted at events or trade tastings, some at my favourite bars & restaurants, and a few were tasted at wineries I visited (which was too rare in 2014). You’ll notice that many of these wines are Italian which very much reflects where I was at this year working for an importer of Italian wines, and also visiting Italy in June.

Let me know what you think, and tell me in the comments what were your highlight wines for 2014.


2014 was a momentous year as it was the first time I tasted Claret!

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Filippi – 13/06/2014

Castelcerino Soave 2013
A little closed at the moment, showing the salty shellfish, hints of volcanic. Vibrantly  fresh with fantastic balance of fruit, acid herbs and minerality. Long.

Vigna della Bra 2012
Lovely briny capers, juicy vibrant and a little fat.  Rich fantastic and complex, mouth-filling, delicious and unique.

Turbiana 2012 (trebbiano)
Similar shellfish notes, wild herbal green fruits. On the palate slightly haunting, still bright and fresh, more open and elusive though.


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