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The Vincast with Peter Weinberg from Brand’s Laira

Peter Weinberg has been at the helm of Brand’s Laira in the Coonawarra region for almost twenty years, having relocated from the Hunter Valley with experience at Mount Pleasant. Originally from Newcastle his reason for getting into the wine industry was a love of the outdoors and good hard manual labour. On this episode of The Vincast Peter speaks about his journey to becoming the custodian of one of Coonawarra’s most historic vineyards and cellars, and how he has guided the brand since he joined the team.

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Peter Weinberg from Brand’s Laira

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The Vincast talking Wine Festivals with Daniel Honan

Wine festivals can be one of the most fun ways to discover more about wine and meet the people who make what is in your glass. Fortunately there are a great number of different events people can attend, both in your capital city and also in the wine regions themselves. On this episode of The Vincast Daniel Honan returns and we chat about the nature of wine festivals and how they are evolving to connect with todays wine consumer.

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Daniel Honan

Daniel Honan

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