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The Vincast with Elaine Chukan Brown aka Hawk Wakawaka

To suggest that Elaine Chukan Brown has led an incredibly diverse life is a massive understatement. In fact she’s lived several of them. Growing up in Alaska taught her an appreciation for the artisanal and the value of hard work, but it is her love of travel and discovery that eventually led to her becoming one of the most sought after voices in the global wine scene. She is probably most famous for pioneering the illustrated tasting note, something that some wineries have asked her to recreate on their wine labels!

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Elaine Chukan Brown aka Hawk Wakawaka

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Damijan Podversic – Vinitaly 2015

Nekaj 2011
Oily rich syrupy beeswax aromatics, still some fresh florals. Warm concentrated, savoury and sweet texture, long rich bold.

Malvasia 2011
Slightly more honeyed with some peach and mango, just not tropical. Lithe texture, silky on the palate, broad but focused, saline caramel elements.

Kaplja 2011
Darker in colour, quieter in aromatics. Smoother founder but denser and fuller, well contained.

Ribolla Gialla 2011
Dense earthy deep nutty notes. Much richer sweeter texture, creamy almost, quite different to 2009, very open and supple.

Rosso Prelit 2011
Nice savoury dusty subtle dark fruits. Lovely and fresh, good depth of fruit and tannin, just a hint of sweetness on the back.

Damijan Podversic

Damijan Podversic

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La Castellada – Cerea 2015

Friulano 2009
Very lifted floral honey blossom aromas. Rich but fresh on the palate, a little bit of savoury wax note, nice clean finish.

Bianco 2009
More rich caramel notes, honeycomb notes. Silky sweet texture rolls across the palate, rich mouthfeel almost syrup-like, still fresh at the end though.

Ribolla Gialla 2009
Tighter leaner younger more savoury intensity, more tannin in this one, fresh but fuller expression.

Pinot Grigio 2009
Very delicate bronze colour, a bit quiet on the nose. Tight intensity, some red fruits with a little sweetness of fruit, long and focused. Nice serious rosé wine.

Merlot 2005
Lifted and fresh intensity belies its age, fresh but also quite a bit of tannic grip and warmth.

Rosso 2006
Really big on the nose, oodles of sweet ripe black fruits. A bit heavy and varietal but not vegetal or under ripe at all. Just not my style.

Cru 2006
Serious colour development. Really intense toffee notes, lots of tannic texture, very long on the palate, dry but sweet at the same time. Intense wine.

La Castellada wines

La Castellada wines

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Fiegl – Vinitaly 2015

Villa Dugo Pinot Grigio 2014
Bright fresh crisp but a little shy at the moment, good texture, needs to settle a bit though. Will be perfect when it arrives.

Villa Dugo Chardonnay 2014
Nice shellfish slightly oily notes. Textural now, fruit yet to express, good acidity, nice and fresh and clean, good drinkability.

Villa Dugo Sauvignon 2014
Positively jumping out of the glass, super vibrant and pungent, sweaty varietal character. Nice and fresh not oppressive on the palate, solid varietal notes, delivers quality for price.

Ribolla Gialla di Oslavia 2012
Very pretty floral honeysuckle notes, quite lifted and perfumed, a hint of crunch too, the slightest attractive volatility. Very lean and precise on the palate, a bit of oxidative barrel character, some sweetish texture, good phenolic grip late on the palate, needs a bit more time to open up perhaps?

Cuvée Leopold Blanc 2011
Very austere pretty subtlety. Purity depth lighter on the oak, hints of some savoury texture, a great white wine to be sure.

Villa Dugo Cabernet Franc 2013
Nice focused earthy aromas, not green but some very mature herbal notes. Bright tight juicy fresh gluggable, just the slightest hint of menthol but a savoury edge to it, good tannins for the price.

Cuvée Leopold Rouge 2008
Round subtle sweet oaky dark red fruits. Balanced fresh, mellow bright, tannins there but not aggressive, good length and nice supporting barrel.

Martin Fiegl with Osteria Balla head sommelier Piero Fonseca

Martin Fiegl with Osteria Balla head sommelier Piero Fonseca

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Vodopivec – Cerea 2015

Origine 2011
A little richer and more textural in style, oily texture, nice cheesy notes.

Vitovska 2011
Much livelier aromatics, very mineral citrus, earthy pithiness on the palate, fresh vibrant but very long. Some savoury apricot.

Vitovska T 2011 (6 months skin amphora, 2.5 years amphora)
Herbal density, still extremely shy, a rubbery aroma. Very heady ethereal depth subtlety. Very very long.

Solo 2011
More intense expressive notes brighter character of the T. Very subtle elegant texture but hold on the back palate, silky freshness.

Vitovska 2010
Showing quite floral now, quite pure on the nose. More pithy texture, earthiness.

Paolo Vodopivec with importer in Australia Gianmarco Balestrini

Paolo Vodopivec with importer in Australia Gianmarco Balestrini

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Damijan Podversic – Prowein 2015

Kaplja 2010
Very creamy caramel and some marzipan notes. Very fresh dense concentrated on the palate, sweet texture but not flavour.

Ribolla Gialla 2010
Shy, a little herbal, some nutmeg, lively subtle big finish though. Far too soon.

Damijan Podversic with a bottle of Ribolla Gialla 2010

Damijan Podversic with a bottle of Ribolla Gialla 2010

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Damijan Podversic – 12/06/2014

2012 Nekaj
Supercharged fruit and floral, oodles of minerals. Very warm, concentrated candied fruit, plenty of botrytis character. Is this style too much for friulano?

2012 Malvasia
Much more subtle and cleaner saline minerality. Rich and warm yes but better contained, linear and mineral. Long balanced complex and heaps of time to settle into itself.

2012 Ribolla Gialla
Much denser and more toasty, picking up more wood notes but nicely integrated, richer rounder and more brooding.

2011 Nekaj (hotter vintage)
Lovely richness and velvety softness, creamy sweet tannins, warm yes but voluptuous too.

2011 Malvasia
Wow super concentrated but soft and silky, long and rolls on the palate, constantly evolving. What an amazing vintage.

2011 Ribolla Gialla
Fucking wow. So complete, balanced complex textural. Outstanding.

2010 Ribolla Gialla Riserva
Speechless. Even more amazing than the 2005. Shame it’s so expensive.

2013 Nekaj
Cold vintage. This wine doesn’t seem to go well in cooler (wetter/botrytis) vintages.

2013 Malvasia
Better but far too early to tell.

2013 Ribolla Gialla
As above.

2011 Prelit
Looking fantastic

2011 Kaplja


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Fiegl – 12/06/2014

NV Brut Rosé (100% Pinot Grigio)
Nice savoury red fruit leesy nose. Bright tight crisp citrus raspberry fruit, very pleasant and clean.

Ribolla Gialla 2013
Clean fresh a bit of texture, hard to see the true character of the variety.

Pinot Grigio Collio 2013
Much more floral on the nose, sweet berry wine. Nice texture and length, much more serious style. Worth it for the price?

Cuvée Leopold Blanc 2010 (Ribolla Gialla, Malvasia, Friulano)
Good, not great, needs more time, oak hiding the character quite a bit.

Friulano 2013
Wonderfully intense fruit and floral aromas, good concentration but still freshness.

Malvasia 2013
Lovely and clean fresh, nice minerality, just not enough personality and structure for the price.

Cabernet Franc Villa Dugo 2012
Absolutely singing.


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Vodopivec – 11/06/2014

2012 Origine
Very fresh in the nose. Nice acids, round and soft very long some warm wood textures, a little spicy

2012 Anfora
More vibrant concentrated fruit aromas. Tighter leaner more focused minerality and orchard fruit, lean and long but needs a bit more settling down.

Wines very clean and bright, not ORANGE

2011 Origine
A little wilder and more volatility, fresher fruits, very tight and fresh, so well protected.

2011 Anfora
Showing much more mineral characters on the nose. Honeyed fruits, much more concentration and earth.

2011 SOLO
Incredibly complex, one of the most nourishing things I’ve ever tasted. Absolutely stunning. Totally complete.

Anfora 2010
All the best fruit went into this only wine. Tastes different, a little more savoury, pithier texture.


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The Vincast with Martin Fiegl from Fiegl Winery

The Italian region of Friuli is possibly one of the most diverse in the world, with many distinct areas and vineyards planted to numerous varieties. Within the unique area of Oslavia on the Slovenian border can be found Azienda Agricola Fiegl where my guest Martin Fiegl’s family have grown grapes for many generations and have made wines under their own label since 1992. We chat about the winery, his responsibilities in the family, and his views of Italian wine in the global market.

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Martin Fiegl

Martin Fiegl

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