La Castellada – Cerea 2015

Friulano 2009
Very lifted floral honey blossom aromas. Rich but fresh on the palate, a little bit of savoury wax note, nice clean finish.

Bianco 2009
More rich caramel notes, honeycomb notes. Silky sweet texture rolls across the palate, rich mouthfeel almost syrup-like, still fresh at the end though.

Ribolla Gialla 2009
Tighter leaner younger more savoury intensity, more tannin in this one, fresh but fuller expression.

Pinot Grigio 2009
Very delicate bronze colour, a bit quiet on the nose. Tight intensity, some red fruits with a little sweetness of fruit, long and focused. Nice serious rosé wine.

Merlot 2005
Lifted and fresh intensity belies its age, fresh but also quite a bit of tannic grip and warmth.

Rosso 2006
Really big on the nose, oodles of sweet ripe black fruits. A bit heavy and varietal but not vegetal or under ripe at all. Just not my style.

Cru 2006
Serious colour development. Really intense toffee notes, lots of tannic texture, very long on the palate, dry but sweet at the same time. Intense wine.

La Castellada wines

La Castellada wines

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