Damijan Podversic – Vinitaly 2015

Nekaj 2011
Oily rich syrupy beeswax aromatics, still some fresh florals. Warm concentrated, savoury and sweet texture, long rich bold.

Malvasia 2011
Slightly more honeyed with some peach and mango, just not tropical. Lithe texture, silky on the palate, broad but focused, saline caramel elements.

Kaplja 2011
Darker in colour, quieter in aromatics. Smoother founder but denser and fuller, well contained.

Ribolla Gialla 2011
Dense earthy deep nutty notes. Much richer sweeter texture, creamy almost, quite different to 2009, very open and supple.

Rosso Prelit 2011
Nice savoury dusty subtle dark fruits. Lovely and fresh, good depth of fruit and tannin, just a hint of sweetness on the back.

Damijan Podversic

Damijan Podversic

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