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The Vincast with Mark Walpole from Fighting Gully Road

Mark Walpole has been one of the most influential people in the alternative variety scene in Australia, particularly Italian varieties, mostly stemming from his time working for the Brown Family, the Pizzini family, and then the Greenstone project in Heathcote. He has consulted to many growers and producers over the years, and been heavily involved with the importation of new varieties and better clones as well. His focus now is on his own vineyard and winery in Beechworth, Fighting Gully Road.

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Mark Walpole from Fighting Gully Road

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It’s good to be the King (King Valley, Victoria – 4/04/2013)

I think it’s time for an embarrassing confession. In spite of the fact that I have now travelled all around the world visiting almost 100 different regions I have actually been to very few regions in Australia, of which there are almost 50. What is possibly worse is that there are about a dozen regions within a few hours of Melbourne alone, only three of which I had visited outside of work. I have had the chance to visit the major wine regions in South Australia, thanks in some part to working in the trade previously and being invited, and also visiting some regions around Adelaide with my father before I left. There is now only one state in Australia that doesn’t produce wine, and that is the Northern Territory, so there are still four states I still haven’t visited wineries in. Returning home I was determined to remedy this and the first new region to visit (finally) was the King Valley.

Gorgeous view into the King Valley on a lovely day

Gorgeous view into the King Valley on a lovely day

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Pizzini – 4/04/2013

Arneis 2012
Honeydew vanilla cantaloupe. Wonderfully fresh focused and clean, good lines get light finish.

Pinot Grigio 2012
Nice clean apple and melon fruits. Vibrant clean pure and straight.

Whitelands Pinot Grigio 2011
Honeyed intensity, slightly more concentrated. Fuller and more intense, denser and somehow sweeter fruit. Still very pure and fresh.

Lana Pinot Grigio 2011
Lovely floral tones, very vibrant. A slight toasty biscuit character. Lovely and clean, good acidity and nice texture.

Verduzzo 2012
Generous fruit nose. Grapefruit citrus razor sharp with some nice texture. Full of fruit but still fresh and crisp.

Rosetta 2012
Fresh bright inviting red berries. Vibrant fresh acids, friendly fruit sweetness, generous length and food pairing adaptability.

Sangiovese Shiraz 2011
Clean pure and fresh, good fruit and far too drinkable. What more do you need?

Sangiovese 2011
Red fruits galore, lots of life to it, very lively and friendly juicy.

Barbera 2011
Solid soft full but building on the palate.

Il Barone 2009
Full but wonderfully balanced, plenty of good fruit, acid and tannin, but balanced and a little bit savoury too.

Nebbiolo 2009
Soft solid focused structured, wonderfully deep and long.

Rubacuori 2005
Rustic old world nose, a little funky but plenty of raspberry notes. Wonderfully full and juicy but long and savoury on the back, great extension.

Rubacuori 2008
Quite closed for now, but certainly plenty of vibrancy. Juiciness all locked up.

Coronamento 2005
Focused driven quiet serious nose. Purity finesse elegance building on the palate, extremely vibrant and plenty of acids. Still wonderfully tight.

A variety of red wines produced by Pizzini

A variety of red wines produced by Pizzini

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