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COVID-19 Emergency Wine Packs

In light of the current situation I’m offering my wines at discounted rates with free delivery to Melbourne metro and reduced rates to regional and inter-state customers. For more information about my wines, check out the page here where you can order any of these packs, and also read about each wine. Feel free to put together your own cases, 10% discount for six bottles and 20% discount for dozens. Thank you so much for the support in these unusual times!

Vino Intrepido 2019 wines

– Six pack (one bottle of each) $191.94 $160.00
– Dozen pack (two bottles each) $383.88 $300.00

Vino Intrepido white wines

– Six pack (2 x Pinot Grigio 2019, 2 x Vermentino 2018, 1 x Friulano 2019, 1 x Fiano 2019) $177.94 $160.00
– Dozen pack (3 x Pinot Grigio 2019, 3 x Vermentino 2018, 3 x Friulano 2019, 3 x Fiano 2019) $365.88 $300.00

Vino Intrepido red wines

– Six pack (3 x Nebbiolo 2019, 3 x Sangiovese) $209.94 $180.00
– Dozen pack (6 x Nebbiolo 2019, 6 x Sangiovese) $419.88 $340.00

Vino Intrepido fresh wines

– Six pack (2 x Pinot Grigio 2019, 2 x Vermentino 2018, 2 x Sangiovese Rosé) $167.94 $150.00
– Dozen pack (4 x Pinot Grigio 2019, 4 x Vermentino 2018, 4 x Sangiovese Rosé) $335.88 $280.00

Vino Intrepido premium wines

– Six pack (2 x Fiano 2019, 2 x Nebbiolo 2019, 2 x Sangiovese) $209.94 $180.00
– Dozen pack (4 x Fiano 2019, 4 x Nebbiolo 2019, 4 x Sangiovese) $419.88 $340.00


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Let’s Taste – The Local Drop Intrepid Wino Pack #1 – Italo-Australians

I was thrilled to have been contacted by the team at The Local Drop recently, who are fans of my podcast The Vincast, and invited me to curate my own wine packs based on things I was excited about. I’m very proud to share my first collection, which probably wouldn’t surprise some of you is all around Australian wines made from Italian varieties. I continue to be blown away by the quality of these wines and their applicability not only to the Australian climate but also the culture around food and wine here. I hope you enjoy my tasting video, please head to The Local Drop website to find out more and to purchase, please let me know if you have any questions in the comments section below.

Wines tasted;
Trentham Estate Prosecco NV
Wine Unplugged ‘The Dagger’ Pinot Grigio 2016
Range Life Garganega 2015
Unico Zelo Dolcetto 2017
Fighting Gully Road Sangiovese 2016
Vino Intrepido Spanna in the Works Nebbiolo 2017

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August 7, 2018 · 11:44 am

Vino Intrepido 2017 Part Four – Blend & Bottle

A little late to the party (vintage 2018 is almost over already), but I got there eventually. Here’s the fourth and final video on the 2017 vintage for Vino Intrepido, finishing the wine and getting it into bottle.

The vermentino and nero d’avola components were racked and blended in September 2017, and bottled not long after that. The nebbiolo was racked and blended in October, returned to barrel, then racked and bottled in January 2018.

Find out more about all of the 2017 wines here!

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March 8, 2018 · 12:03 am

Let’s Taste – Billy Button White Wines December 2016

I’ve followed Jo Marsh and her Billy Button Wines for some time, mostly as they are focused on my beloved Italian grape varieties. After finally meeting Jo at the Australian Alternative Varieties Wine Show late last year, I was thrilled to finally be able to open some bottles here on the IntrepidWino YouTube channel. I looked at three white wines made from varieties that originate from different parts of Italy. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

Wines tasted;
Billy Button ‘The Delinquent’ Verduzzo 2015 – RRP $25.00
Billy Button ‘The Honest’ Fiano 2016 – RRP $25.00
Billy Button ‘The Versatile’ Vermentino 2016 – RRP $25.00
Website – http://billybuttonwines.com.au

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January 22, 2017 · 9:41 pm

The Vincast Episode 089 – Jane Faulkner

Jane Faulkner is one of Australia’s most loved and respected wine journalists, with several decades of experience and countless tasting notes under her belt. She is also one of the most travelled wine writers, and is considered one of the foremost experts on Italian wine and alternative varieties in Australia. This is in part due to her role as chair of the Australian Alternative Varieties Wine Show. She (finally) joined me on this episode of The Vincast to talk about her background, her insights, her thoughts on wine communication, and the direction she hopes alternative varieties head in this country.

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Jane Faulkner

Jane Faulkner

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