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The Vincast with Jonathan Ross MS

Though Jonathan Ross always had competitive tendencies, it wasn’t until he discovered hospitality and wine that he truly applied himself and found his passion. From growing up in New Jersey to working at one of the top restaurants in the world, his career has always had an upward trajectory. Soon after relocating to Australia with his fiancée Jane Lopes (who is also a top sommelier), he became a Master Sommelier of which there are currently only 249 in the world. He joins me on this episode of The Vincast to talk about his journey, and his new-found love of Australian wine.

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The Vincast with Josh Elias from Alquimie

Passion was the driving force behind Josh Elias and his desire to breathe new life into drinks with Alquimie Magazine. Much of this was due to the fact that his family have no background in wine, deciding to pursue a career in the industry rather than follow one in law which he has a degree in, or in textiles which is the family business. Josh joined me on this episode to talk about how he came to work in some of the best restaurants in Melbourne, furthered his wine knowledge and appreciation through study, and created one of the most exciting beverage publications in the world.

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Josh Elias

Josh Elias

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