Vinteloper – 21/08/2013

David Bowley gave up his day job. When you meet him you’ll understand what that was. Suffice to say he is very very tall. Whilst pursuing this career he worked for a number of years for Wine Australia in a technical role which meant he got the chance to see a lot of vineyards in regions around Adelaide, his home town. Back in 2009 he decided to start making his own wines from key varietals in four regions. The wines are made in multiple locations, including at the Waite campus of Adelaide University, and even an urban winery in Adelaide CBD. They are attempts to be limited-intervention expressions of variety site and vintage. With wines this good it’s exciting to think what they will be like in future vintages.

Watervale Riesling 2012
Bright tight lean and crisp. Really steely and focused, fresh pure, bright citrus acids. Mouth-puckeringly fresh.

Odeon Riesling 2010
A little more expressive but less vibrant. More mature structure and slightly earthy savoury complexity, building towards something.

Pinot Gris 2012
Tight focused crunchy quince. Quite a savoury edge to it, a nice structured palate, good weight without being fat or flabby.

Pinot Noir 2012
Very complex earthy Asian spice whole bunch character, mature fruit. Juicy and plump but light and fresh, a tad disjointed at the moment. Not all primary fruit.

Adelo 2012
Robust bold juicy warm but earthy dirty spice, not hot or heavy, well contained and excellent balance.

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