Knights Granite Hills – 20/08/2013

Riesling 2012
Lovely bright fresh floral sherbet citrus. Nice mid-palate weight and texture, a Riesling if actual personality.

Riesling 2005
Slightly more closed on the nose, protective state. Starting to show some oily texture, developing a little bit but still tight fresh and holding fruit.

Chardonnay 2012
Very delicate crisp citrus pith. Nice clean pure bright fruit, not much oak or malo character, just beautiful bright fruit.

Tor Chardonnay 2009
Very quite subdued lees derived complexity, very delicate toast. Quite robust and rich, tight bold and a little brooding smoky for now.

Pinot Noir 2010
Black cherry, a little too simple, lacking finesse/structure. Earthy.

Tor Pinot Noir 2009
Darker sweeter black fruits, generous earthy but not aggressive. For the style is exceptional, soft yet robust, dark yet fresh.

The Gordon Cabernet blend 2007
Tighter jubier cassis florals. Core of earthy dark fruit, perfect sweet spot.

Shiraz 2006
Dark olive, blackberry, a little hot and tannic, possibly from oak, surprisingly dark for the region. On the warm and sweet side.

Tor Syrah 2006
More perfumed aromatically vibrant, sweet black pepper. Bright fresh vibrant on the palate, expressive generous tannic but rounder and softer tannins.

Winemaker Llew talks about his wines

Winemaker Llew talks about his wines

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  1. shirazrat

    I like their rieslings very much – really notice the texture in them and they stay tight for a long time.


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