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The Vincast with Patrick Sullivan

Patrick Sullivan is one of the most exciting young winemakers in Victoria, and the type of wines he is producing are dramatically changing the discussion about what is wine, what is Australian wine, and what is quality Australian wine. He has recently bought land in West Gippsland and will eventually become the vigneron (both growing the grapes and making the wines) he has so long wanted to be. On this episode he chats about his experiences and philosophies, and why a winemaking degree didn’t really help him much.

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Patrick Sullivan (image courtesy of The Wine Idealist)

Patrick Sullivan (image courtesy of The Wine Idealist)

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The Vincast with Louise Chalmer of Clever Polly’s

The growth in interest for natural wine cannot be denied, and although still only representing a tiny proportion of total wine production, those who love it do so fervently. My guest on this episode is Louise Chalmer, who recently opened Melbourne’s first bar dedicated to natural wine and other artisan products. She joins me to chat about what led her to choose this particular type of venue, and how she expresses herself through it.

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Louise Chalmer Picture: Eugene Hyland

Louise Chalmer
Picture: Eugene Hyland

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