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Weingut Salwey – 28/02/2012

2010 Weisburgunder wines
All quite rich and ripe in their pear and melon characteristics, with some delicate texture from barrel and lees contact.

2010 Grauburgunders
A subtle savoury creaminess which reminded me of freshly boiled pasta from the colander.

2010 Henkenberg Grosses Gewachs wines
Had better balanced and integration but will continue to improve in the bottle.

Reserve Spatburgunder Weissherbst 2010
An interesting barrel fermented rosé style wine which had too much going on for a rosé made from pinot noir.

Spatburgunder wines
2009 wines had great combinations of bright red fruits and savoury earthiness, good mid-palate structure and a clean long finish, whereas the 2010 wines were much deeper and tighter in the tannins and will take longer to open up.

Konrad Salwey

Konrad Salwey

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The other Burgundy (Baden, Germany – Day Two)

The largest town in Baden is Freiburg, and is famous in Germany for two things. The first is that it is the capital for cycling, and it is hard to miss them. When I say that I don’t mean that I hit a bunch of people on bikes in my rental car, I just mean that there are a lot of them, obviously. They are a little aggressive, but I guess you would be if you finally outnumbered cars on the road. The second thing that makes Freiburg famous in Germany is that it is a university town, and so is filled with plenty of good places to eat and drink for not much money. There is a really nice brauhaus where I enjoyed a stein of local lager with a big plate of smoked ham and sauerkraut, for only 10 Euro. I spent a fair amount of my time in Starbucks taking advantage of the free wifi, as my hostel didn’t have any. The coffee is terrible, but you can’t pass up on free wifi.

Schlossberg vineyards of Weingut Huber

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