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Weingut Huber – 28/02/2012

Auxerrois 2010
Very light and crisp

Grauburgunder 2010
Slight pink-grey tinge to it and went much better with the food thanks to its texture and ripeness.

Alte Reben Spatburgunder 2002
Showing some dusty earthy cherry notes, some brightness and silkiness on the palate, and whilst light (possibly from age) was very long and deep.

Reserve Spatburgunder 2001
Mushroomy barnyard notes on the nose, was still very tight and fresh on the palate but was showing some developed game and pork rind complexity.

The Alte Reben Spatburgunder 2009
Very perfumed currants with herb and spice notes on the nose, and on the palate has very silky tannins with fresh acidity to keep things lively.

Bienenberg Grosses Gewachs Spatburgunder 2009
Aromas are more shy, but is much more expressive (and youthful) in the tannins, with a grainy dustiness to them.

Schlossberg Grosses Gewachs Spatburgunder 2009
Very spicy brambly nose which makes me think they used some stalks in the ferment, and whilst very sharp and tight in the tannins now, is very complex with some subtle caramel notes that will develop over time.

Wildenstein Spatburgunder >R< 2009
Made from fruit from a specific parcel within Bienenberg and is thus technically not a Grosses Gewachs wine. It is concentrated and dense yet very subtle and soft. It expresses dark berry fruits with toasty nutmeg and cinnamon, very fine and slightly salty tannins with serious minerality.

Muller Thurgau 2010
Surprised me, as it was not in the least bit thin or watery, but was ripe and full-flavoured with balance and a great tropical freshness.

Bienenberg Riesling Kabinett Trocken 2010
A great varietal example but really doesn’t compete with the wines of the north.

Bienenberg Grauburgunder Grosses Gewachs 2010
A wonderfully complex nose of toasty nutty pear puree, and although forward on the palate was not too crisp but was a little heavy and aggressive in the texture.

Bienenberg Grosses Gewachs Weissburgunder 2010
A little on the oaky side, expressing some creamy vanilla notes which were a little fat and clunky from too much malolactic fermentation.

Schlossberg Chardonnay 2009
Wonderfully toasty and flinty, with a very concentrated but subtle caramel and vanilla with citrus and stone fruit palate. This is by far the best (of the few) chardonnays I have tasted in Germany.

The Huber spatburgunder wines

The Huber spatburgunder wines

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The other Burgundy (Baden, Germany – Day Two)

The largest town in Baden is Freiburg, and is famous in Germany for two things. The first is that it is the capital for cycling, and it is hard to miss them. When I say that I don’t mean that I hit a bunch of people on bikes in my rental car, I just mean that there are a lot of them, obviously. They are a little aggressive, but I guess you would be if you finally outnumbered cars on the road. The second thing that makes Freiburg famous in Germany is that it is a university town, and so is filled with plenty of good places to eat and drink for not much money. There is a really nice brauhaus where I enjoyed a stein of local lager with a big plate of smoked ham and sauerkraut, for only 10 Euro. I spent a fair amount of my time in Starbucks taking advantage of the free wifi, as my hostel didn’t have any. The coffee is terrible, but you can’t pass up on free wifi.

Schlossberg vineyards of Weingut Huber

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