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Bentleigh Tasting Group – Morey-St-Denis

The Bentleigh Tasting Group met again recently, and this time the theme was a particular appellation in the Cote-d’Or of Burgundy; Morey-St-Denis. Not unlike the first tasting, it was incredibly hard to source wines for this tasting, particularly as it was a single appellation, and the wine also had to be younger 2008 or younger. On a fixed income the $100 price tag was a bit tough, but at the end of the day it was worth it to be able to taste not one but 10 outstanding examples. Also like the first tasting and limited access to wine there were two bottles that were the same, and again through bottle variation looked different. Here are my notes from the tasting. Continue reading

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J.J. Confuron – 7/12/2012

2011 Cote des Nuits Les La Montagne
Dark sweet rum notes, toasty and black, a little brambly and minty. Robust full with some late sweetness, exuberant and dense but still fresh. On the extractive oaky modern style. Quite tight, needs some time.

2011 Nuits Saint Georges Les Fleurie
More floral but still dark fruits, spice and mint. Deeper richer tannins, fuller structure and round tannins, tight focused and fresh, balanced and bold with a lot of length.

2011 Chambolle-Musigny
Deep dark and rich, sweet black fruits. Deep full very earthy and soft, sweet round tannins, a little grainy and extractive, not aggressive but certainly powerful for the time being. Modern burgundy?

2011 Les Chaboeuf Nuits-Saint-George Premier Cru
Focused tight fresh and fine, round and extractive, dark notes, precise and dense.

2011 Cotes des Nuits Vignottes
Dark soft pure yet fresh, not too dense or heavy, good structure and tannin weight, forward and fruit expressive for the moment, minerality will come through later.

2011 Clos Vougeot
Quiet subtle and complex, less power and exuberance in fruit, also not as dark. Depth power and generosity with focus drive and freshness. Long on the palate, elegance but not silky velvety or opulent in style, will take more time.

2011 Romanee St Vivant Grand Cru
Pretty serious, very intense, powerful but assuredness and restraint, elegant and fine, wonderfully balanced nose. Supple rich and soft yet firm and confident, generous spicy fresh yet round and mouth-filling. Gorgeous expression, very feminine.
JJ Confuron barrel tasting

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Domaine de la Vougeraie – 7/12/2012

Clos de Roi 2009 Beaune Premier Cru
Nice intense but delicate complex nose, bright fresh red fruits, a little earthiness, heavily clay influenced, dark and fruity. Fresh and bright but also intense and soft, wonderfully balanced tannins and fruit, very lively but well structured. Not tight but very focused.

Les Cras 2008 Vougeot Premier Cru
Softer and more restrained, refined and elegant, floral perfumed, a touch closed at the moment, showing a little minerality. Looking very lovely and lively now, fresh but not to brisk in acidity, generous but still firm and focused tannins, broad but not fat heavy or simple, extremely well balanced. Supple and subtle but still plenty of time to develop silkiness.

Clos de Vougeot 2007 Grand Cru
More rustic and classic Burgundian nose, lot’s of mushroom earthy forest floor dampness, round fruit in the red spectrum, subtley stinky. Quite rich and intense, quite powerful but nor necessarily dense or heavy, expressive and explosive. Very fine delicate tannins, wonderfully elegant structure, but plenty going on that will soften and complexify with age.

Clos de Prieurie 2007 Monopole
Quite rich and intense, lots of fruit but not in a simple aromatic kind of way, showing plenty of oak mineral and lees complexity. Rich texture and viscosity, big style of white burgundy, very full and creamy, ripe stone and tropical notes, Amazing wine but also the reason I choose Chablis.

Le Clos Blanc de Vougeot 2007 Premier Cru
A little more intense in minerality, slightly more lofted flinty more citrus fruit aromas, slightly brighter on the nose. Rounder and more complex but not as heavy and ripe, more subtle creaminess and sweetness from oak. Slightly more gentle and better integrated, a more elegant expression.
Domaine de la Vougeraie

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Domaine Bertagna – 6/12/2012

Bourgogne 2010
Quite a bold robust and concentrated nose, intense dark red fruit but also some funky meaty characters, perhaps some bret? Quite rustic in style, very young, quite light and fresh very delicate. Not atypical old-world style, some complex meaty characters. A touch wild and unique, not sure about the style. Perhaps a little reductive

Clos de la Perriere 2010 Vougeor Premier Cru
Brighter tighter, slightly subdued at the moment, perhaps an oak issue, some nice spicy notes too. Quite tense and dense, some sweet tannins on the back, nice purity of fruit, a touch heavy on the maceration, but not aggressive, well balanced oak and alcohol, nice concentrated fruit. Robust and round, pleasing to many people, perhaps a touch simple? Appealing to certain tastes? Needing more time to develop? Improving as it opens up.

Le Murgers 2009 Nuits Saint George Premier Cru
Light but quite robust colour, ripeness and maceration. Bright intense and full fruit, a product of vintage without question. Intense freshness and bright fruit on the front, very generous in structure and weight, a little sweetness from the oak, round, soft and full tannins and fruit character, very gentle and long, good structure. A peoples burgundy. Super drinkable now.

Les Beaux Monts 2010 Vosne-Romanee Premier Cru
Denser and more concentrated, quite tight and a little on the oaky side, brooding masculine style, tenseness. Full robust and generous, very concentrated, certainly oak character, on the savoury side, tannins and oak dominating, good structure but lacking a little finesse and a soft touch. A style is emerging. Classic modern burgundy, very lingering tannins.

Grandes Lolieres 2010 Corton Grand Cru
More subtle and closed, complex and gentle, floral notes coming through with the dark small berries, oak still sitting over everything possibly dulling the other aromas. Robust and earthy, missing a lot of the elegance and terroir because of the heavy maceration and oak regime, great wine for certain palates but not the kind of burgundy I would choose on a wine list. Very young, requiring a lot of time.

2011 Chambolle-Musigny
Nice and clean, quite pure, a little shy at the moment, but oak actually well managed and integrated. Bright fresh and intense, light with good acids, well structured, needs to come out of wood now in my opinion. Generous and soft.

2011 Vougeot
Showing some earthier olive notes, a little wild and old-school. Soft supple generous and rich, not heavy but fills the palate, perfect vintage for this style of burgundy. Nice length, pure but complex as well.

2011 Le Petit Vougeot Premier Cru
Denser more concentrated and showing newer more prominent oak notes, still very subtle and elegant however. Intense full, very powerful tannins for now, initially showing a little warm as well,

2011 Clos de la Perriere Premier Cru
Smoky and spicy, earthy and densely rich, savoury elements. Good purity and balance through the palate, soft and structured, nice firm well balanced tannins, good purity in fact, nice bright fruit and integrated oak.

2011 Le Murgers Nuits St George
Birght intense but delicate floral fruit characters. Soft full generous, again the perfect vintage for this modern style of burgundy, oak nor tannin out of place, well0-structrure and balanced.

2011 Les Beaux Monts Vonne Romanee Premier Cru
Dense tight slightly stalky style, a little spicy, a little herbaceous, small berries. Intense and concentrated tannins through the middle of the palate, locked up but precise, focused and straight, needs some more time to open out.

2011 Clos Saint Denis Grand Cru
Super intense, super exuberant, super complex nose. Really expressive concentrated fruit, lots of new oak, tight and intense. Concentrated low yielding, very high in acidity and also a little warm at the moment. Far from being integrated and balanced, but wow what amazing potential in the future.

2011 Corton Charlemagne
Really bright and fresh, lots of lovely intense fruit characters, a little tropical but also stone and citrus fruits, handling the oak quite well. Really beautifully balanced and rich, wonderful acids and minerality but the malo has gone very well, creamy and rich without being heavy cloying or fat, sitting in a beautiful spot.

Domaine Bertagna

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Taupenot-Merme – 6/12/2012

2011 Saint Romain
Nice and bright, quite soft, dark cherries and blackberries, nice extraction and classic expression. Soft and fresh but plenty of flaviour, high mineral and acidity, pure and crisp, tight and light but approachable and with character. Good lines, plenty of time for it to open up.

2011 Chambolle-Musigny
More rustic and Nuits nose, more earthy density and masculine concentration, led bright and fresh characters. Light bodied, good freshness but a lot more savoury elements than the previous wine, nice concentrated firm tannins without too much weight or astringency.

2011 Gevrey-Chambertin
More refined and elegant, slightly more floral elements on the nose, not extractive or over-ripe, bright but not exuberant, more assured. Well balanced and integrated, a little closed at the moment, dense and more on the mid-palate, still very soft and supple, but will develop very interestingly.

2011 Chambolle-Musigny La Combe d’Orveau Premier Cru
A little brighter and more intense on the nose, good fruit but also savoury earthy green notes, nice powerful masculine aromas. Wonderful finesse and drive on the front and mid-palate, freshness and brightness of fruit, but builds on the palate and kicks in with tight concentrated tannins quite late. Very complex and will continue to evolve over a longer period of time.

2011 Morey-Saint-Denis La Riotte Premier Cru
Darker and certainly spicier and earthier, denser with nutmeg and some rosemary notes. Lighter but a lot less voluptuous and soft, bolder and fuller tannins, dense concentrated robust masculine characters.

2011 Charmes-Chambertin Grand Cru
Extremely subtle, very locked away. Wonderfully dense and complex, builds and evolves across the palate, refined yet mature tannins, structure balance and exceptional integration, a little full on tannins at the moment but it is far too early for this wine.

2011 Mazoyeres Chambertin Grand Cru
Dark soft round fruit, rich and inviting but also precise. Dense and straight through the palate, delicate and fresher, tight structure but not as heavy and bold. A finer style, much more my preference. Wonderful balance between freshness fruit acid tannin.


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