Bentleigh Tasting Group – Morey-St-Denis

The Bentleigh Tasting Group met again recently, and this time the theme was a particular appellation in the Cote-d’Or of Burgundy; Morey-St-Denis. Not unlike the first tasting, it was incredibly hard to source wines for this tasting, particularly as it was a single appellation, and the wine also had to be younger 2008 or younger. On a fixed income the $100 price tag was a bit tough, but at the end of the day it was worth it to be able to taste not one but 10 outstanding examples. Also like the first tasting and limited access to wine there were two bottles that were the same, and again through bottle variation looked different. Here are my notes from the tasting.

Wine One
Quite a bright ruby colour but very light. Bold aromatics, juicy red cherry dusty chocolate, some sweet artichoke. Very tight bright fresh, juicy warm, ripe red berries, fine tannin, nice sharp length.
2010 appellation.
Stephane Magnien Cuvée “Aux Petites Noix” 2010 premier Cru

Wine Two
More brick but similar intensity. Deeper darker earthier savoury raspberry plum. Quite intense juicy hot, rounder but heavier, bold in the mid-palate, less length.
2009 Appellation
Domaine Maume Lavaux Saint-Jacques Gevrey-Chambertin 2008 Premier Cru

Wine Three
Meatier charcuterie wax, ripe stalks, denser tighter, slightly more rustic. Quite young focused, very long intense, silky, quite refined fruit characters. Lots of ageing potential.
2008 Premier Cru
Stephane Magnien Les Faconnières 2010 Premier Cru

Wine Four
More rustic earthy stalky, dried raspberry, a little aggressive, very closed. Slightly imbalanced, tannins a little harsh, alcohol a little prominent. Quite closed fruits.
2010 premier
Prancing Horse Clos des Ormes 2009 Premier Cru

Wine Five
Dirtier darker slight molasses, a bit of charry toast. Soft mellow rich unctuous, intense fruit and alcohol, supple tannins, reverse hourglass. Generosity length and elegance.
2010 premier, mystery wine
Prancing Horse Clos des Ormes 2009 Premier Cru

Wine Six
Very dirty dusty funky meaty, wild fennel mushrooms, a bit too rustic. Soft firm fine, a touch overworked, lacking focus.
2008 premier
Dujac 2009

Wine Seven
Very stinky wild almost fecal, earthy dried pomegranate, rind. Very tight focused fresh, developed fruits, intense balanced long. Vibrant yet refined.
2009 grand
Des Lambrays Les Loups 2008 Premier Cru

Wine Eight
Really locked away intense, not showing much, except oak. Overworked bold super fruit, lots of oak, in need of serious aging.
2010 premier
Jean-Louis et Didier Amiot Les Ruchots 2010 Premier Cru

The Bentleigh Tasting Group deep in analysis

The Bentleigh Tasting Group deep in analysis

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