Ampeleia – Vinitaly 2015

Un Litro 2014
Cleaner lighter, fresher but with the same purity. Will be interesting to see it once in bottle and arrived in Australia.

Kepos 2013
Lighter on the nose, more subtle, tight lean focused but not quite the same, a bit too safe?

Alicante 2014
Purity focus crunchiness, potent. Fine bright carbonic notes, tight lean tannins, not the same as 2013.

Cabernet Franc 2014
Very intense varietal nose, herbal, bright tight. Light lean a bit dirty on the back in a nice way, not as varietal on the palate. Reasonable amount of tannin.

Ampeleia 2012
A lot more shy on the nose, but still nice pure focus and subtle dark fruits. Oak a little too prominent at the moment, adding quite a bit of tannin to the mouth feel, needs a bit more depth of fruit, needs some more time perhaps?

Simona Spinelli from Ampeleia

Simona Spinelli from Ampeleia

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