Best’s – 29/08/2013

Established in 1866, the Best’s Great Western estate in the Grampians region is seriously old, even for Europe. They have some of the oldest plantings in the country, including such varieties as shiraz, cabernet sauvignon and even pinot meunier. The Thompson family have owned the winery and vineyards since 1913 and they recently celebrated their 100th year of ownership. They also celebrated the current custodian Viv’s 52nd vintage. They have once many accolades including the illustrious Jimmy Watson Trophy, and their top shiraz wines are some of the most collected in Australia. I had the opportunity to taste some of their new releases, and here are my notes.

Riesling 2013
Lovely crisp zesty sherbet orange blossom. Nice depth and body, not heaps of texture, just enough viscosity to add an extra element. Lovely clean fruit.

E.V.T. 51 Riesling
Richer denser earthier and more concentrated. More weight and viscosity from higher residual sugar. Generous fruit, stone more than citrus.

Dolcetto 2011
Very light in colour, subtle aromatics, ripe fresh dark berries. Light fresh easy drinking, pleasant table wine but a touch thin in the mid palate.

Old Vine Pinot Meunier 2011
Extremely savoury meaty earthy ripe Indian spice. Silky elegant but consistent with the aromatics. A singular wine without parallel.

Bin 1 Shiraz 2012
Dark cassis very subtle, ruby red fruits. Excellent balance, well contained, slightly maderised fruit, on the fresh yet jammy side.

Bin 0 Shiraz 2010
Settled down, exceptionally long, a little retired for now, will develop exceptionally. Great wine from a great vintage.

Cabernet Sauvignon 2012
Very dark and lacking focus, a little too juby and fruity. A touch dirty and burnt, but not too heavy or hot. Pleasant but fairly varietal in nature.

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