Domaine Epis – 20/08/2013

Rosé 2013
Quite intense robust, a little tight and reductive, good juicy red fruit. Robust red cherry strawberry, good length, done bright cherry tomato, some savoury texture too.

Chardonnay 2012
Pure flinty round ripe citrus notes. Dense concentrated quite earthy rich yeasty texture, fairly savoury but light restrained.

Chardonnay 2011
Riper rubenesque cheesy tight focused. Round generous not heavy or fat but broad.

Pinot Noir 2012
An interesting spice cardamon clove turmeric herb note, tight dark fruits. In character somewhere between syrah and pinot noir. Very light and bright.

Cabernet 2010
Lean tight bright. A touch underripe. Region not right for the variety/style in my humble opinion.

Domaine Epis wines

Domaine Epis wines

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