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Intrepid Winemaking 2016 Part One – Processing the fruit

If you haven’t already seen me share it on social media, I started my first winemaking project, tentatively called The Sangiovese Project. The idea was to purchase some sangiovese grapes from the Heathcote region that were of exceptional quality, and try some experimenting with it. This video, the first of several parts of the journey which I will be sharing, chronicles the processing of the fruit.

Two bins totalling one tonne of hand-picked grapes were delivered on a rainy Thursday evening (10th March). The fruit was grown by viticulture legend (and guest on Episode 65 of The Vincast wine podcast), Mario Marson. In this video you will see how the fruit was prepared for fermentation.

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April 10, 2016 · 12:55 pm

Let’s Taste – Vinea Marson Sangiovese 2010 & 2011

After recording this week’s episode of The Vincast wine podcast with Mario Marson, he gave me a bottle each of his Vinea Marson Sangiovese 2010 & 2011 vintages. Here are my impressions of the wines, and be sure to listen to the episode of The Vincast with Mario here.

Vinea Marson Sangiovese 2010 & 2011

Vinea Marson Sangiovese 2010 & 2011

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August 28, 2015 · 12:31 pm

The Vincast with Mario Marson from Vinea Marson

Mario Marson has worked in vineyards in Australia for many years, and has been a champion for high quality grapes making high quality wines. When he decided to plant his own vineyard, he chose to do so in the Victorian region of Heathcote, and he chose to plant some grape varieties that were close to his family heritage in Italy. His Vinea Marson wines were some of the first to show how high quality wines from alternative grapes could be achieved in Australia, and today are highly sought after by a market that is embracing difference.

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Mario Marson

Mario Marson

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