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Il Mosnel – Vinitaly 2015

EBB 2010
A little sharper and pithier than the 2009, nice focus, more integrated barrel characters. Needs time but more potential.

Pas Rosé 2009
Deep ruby freshness, very soft silky texture, delicate bead, quite savoury, some very subtle mushroom notes. Quite crunchy though.

Lucia Barzano from Il Mosnel

Lucia Barzano from Il Mosnel

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Mamete Prevostini – Vinitaly 2015

Monrose Rosé 2014
Very elegant bright subtle on the nose, just a hint of raspberries but more in the floral area. Very fresh on the palate, light but expressive, more like a white wine really.

Botonero 2013
Much quieter now but quite subtle too, clean and good red fruits. Tight but approachable, excellent quaffer, broadens out on the back a bit.

Santa Rita Rosso di Valtellina 2012
A bit brighter on the nose, more vibrant, more concentration and focus on the palate.

Sassella 2012
Very bright floral crunchy red fruits, wonderfully elegant, fine and focused, tight but fresh tannins.

Grumello 2012
A little earthier on the nose, finer tannins, but less fruit character, savoury texture.

Inferno 2012
Very lifted dustier notes, much tighter tannins and acid structure, tightly wound.

Sommarovina 2012 (single vineyard)
Bolder fuller and more intense, a slightly bigger wine but still quite elegant.

San Lorenzo 2011
Earthier much more savoury nose, dense and brooding. Swift and bright.

Riserva 2010
Quite a sweet fruit profile but intense and bold, a bit of warmth and concentration in this one.

Corte di Cama 2011
More lifted aromatics, actually a super fresh palate but initial warmth, finishes soft and supple.

Albareda 2011
Warmer broader and more intense on the palate, less freshness of fruit, more earthy power and sinew.

Albareda 2002
Tannins still very prominent and not showing signs of slowing down, development on the nose but still very tight on the palate.

The Intrepid Wino with Paolo from Mamete Prevostini

The Intrepid Wino with Paolo from Mamete Prevostini

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Cantrina – Prowein 2015

Riné 2013
Bright aromatics, a bit floral, quite a bit of texture pithiness and some warmth.

Rosanoire 2014 pinot Nero
Very fresh light bright crunchy, sweet ripe tomato notes.

Valtenesi (Groppello) 2013
Light bright and a bit fruit sweet with a nice clean finish. Nice pinot alternative.


Cristina Inganni from Cantrina and myself


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Mamete Prevostini – 19/06/2014

Monrose Rosato 2013
Quite sharp on the nose, very intense focus. Quite powerful tannin structure, a hint of fruit sweetness at the back, nice sharp acids, definitely a food rosé, a little bit of herb note.

Botonero 2013
A little brighter and fresher than the 2010. Soft sweet supple fruit, not as savoury spicy and dense as the 2010, but still nice acids and some herb notes.

Sassella 2010
A little more intense and darker in fruit, very lovely and bright on the glass, quite floral too. Very tight and focused, some big flavours but still a lot of acid. Nice tight red fruit.

Corte do Cama Sforzato di Valtellina 2010
Intense sweet mature oak and oxidative in an old way. Very intense of fruit and fruit sweetness, a lot of vanilla notes from the oak, still quite a lot of acidity but a fairly modern kind of wine.

Albareda Sforzato di Valtellina 2010
Even squeakier and more intense, softer and sweeter on the palate, very hot too, robust and generous but big wine.


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Il Mosnel – 18/06/2014

Brut NV
Nice clean mature citrus notes, really crunchy autolysis notes, a hint if toastiness as well. Beautiful ripe grapefruit, lovely texture and breadth, good length and freshness. Really great.

Pas Dosé NV (15,000 bottles, blend the same but an extra year in lees)
Softer and creamier thanks to time on less, a little richer in terms of fruit, but purer more mineral influence. Super fine high quality bubbles.

Brut Rosé NV (40/40/20 pn/ch/pb) NV pn sits on skins very short time
Deep earthy ripe red berries, wonderful mealy richness and savoury complexity. Very complex for an NV rosé.

Brut Satèn 2010 (100% Chardonnay, 40% in Barrique, 4Bar pressure, 3 years on lees, 6g dosage)
Quite intense fruit, lots of ripe citrus and some white peach. Very soft creamy silky elegant, very subtle too. A very different expression of Franciacorta.

EBB 2009 (Chardonnay only in Barrique, 40 months lees, extra brut)
Creamy toasty shell-fish citrus, very complex nose. Much broader expression, quite late on the palate but still good acidity. A little broad and unfocused.

Pas Rosé 2008 (70/30 Pinot noir/Chardonnay, 40 months on lees, 18 months in bottle)
Very focused blood orange precision, hints of roasted nuts, some woody notes too. Spicy wild tomato forest notes, nice sharp raspberry tartness, very interesting again.

Pas Dosé QdE (Questione d’Etichetta) Franciacorta Riserva 2006 (pas dosé, 5 years minimum age on lees)
Too fat, leesy cheesy, broad and not vibrant enough. Interesting, but not a fan.

Satèn 2005 (disgorged 2009)
Still really lovely and fresh, wonderful creamy citrus autolytic notes. Still exceptionally fresh with some gorgeous sherbet sorbet characters going on, more tightness and acid focus than the 2010. Awesome wine.

QdE Pas Dosé 2004 Riserva (disgorged 2010)
It’s nice. But I’m just not convinced about this much Pinot Bianco for the style and time on lees. Maybe I’m just not used to it.


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Cantrina – 17/06/2014

Riné 2012 (Riesling, Chardonnay, incrocio manzoni)
Nice bright fresh fruit aromatics, some apple peach pineapple. Quite dip end broad, some good citrus acidity but a bit of honey sweet texture.

Rosanoire 2013 (Pinot noir)
Fresh rose petal strawberry purée. Clean fresh good acids very light, nice delicate fruit with a touch of fruit sweetness whilst maintaining dry. Just doable at the price ($21.20)

Valtènesi 2013 (Gropello)
Some concentrated dried herbal potpourri, a little spicy. Very light bright herbal spicy, nice fruit, very interesting floral notes.

Zerdí 2011 (Rebo)
Sweeter plum notes, a hint if spice but quite soft and sweet in fruit and tannin. Some darkness which is nice, but the making is still a little safe, too much like Merlot.

Nepomuceno 2008 (70% Merlot, Marzemino & Rebo)
Sweet dark earthy savoury, some meaty notes. Dense quite focused and full, good acidity and fruit combination.

Sole di Dario 2007 (Passito of Sauvignon, Semillon & Riesling)
Deep orange honey caramel. Nice balance, fresh full of flavour not cloying or oaky, not oxidative, very complex with some caramel toffee notes.


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