Cantrina – 17/06/2014

Riné 2012 (Riesling, Chardonnay, incrocio manzoni)
Nice bright fresh fruit aromatics, some apple peach pineapple. Quite dip end broad, some good citrus acidity but a bit of honey sweet texture.

Rosanoire 2013 (Pinot noir)
Fresh rose petal strawberry purée. Clean fresh good acids very light, nice delicate fruit with a touch of fruit sweetness whilst maintaining dry. Just doable at the price ($21.20)

Valtènesi 2013 (Gropello)
Some concentrated dried herbal potpourri, a little spicy. Very light bright herbal spicy, nice fruit, very interesting floral notes.

Zerdí 2011 (Rebo)
Sweeter plum notes, a hint if spice but quite soft and sweet in fruit and tannin. Some darkness which is nice, but the making is still a little safe, too much like Merlot.

Nepomuceno 2008 (70% Merlot, Marzemino & Rebo)
Sweet dark earthy savoury, some meaty notes. Dense quite focused and full, good acidity and fruit combination.

Sole di Dario 2007 (Passito of Sauvignon, Semillon & Riesling)
Deep orange honey caramel. Nice balance, fresh full of flavour not cloying or oaky, not oxidative, very complex with some caramel toffee notes.


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