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Let’s Taste LIVE – Jamsheed Single-vineyard wines with Gary Mills

Gary Mills from Jamsheed Wines joined me on the 17th of August at 6pm AEST as we tasted his four single-vineyard syrah wines LIVE, allowing viewers to taste along, ask questions and make comments. Listen back to the episode of The Vincast podcast with Gary here. Buy the wines at Different Drop if you would like to taste the wines as well!

Wines tasted;
Yarra Valley ‘Seville’ Syrah 2013
Great Western ‘Garden Gully’ Syrah 2013
‘Pyren’ Pyrenees Syrah 2013
Beechworth Syrah 2013


Jamsheed Seville Syrah 2013

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August 4, 2015 · 10:27 pm

Let’s Taste – Jamsheed Seville Syrah 2013

Jamsheed Seville Syrah 2013 from the Yarra Valley, given to the author after the recording of episode 59 of The Vincast podcast.

Listen to the episode with Gary

Buy Jamsheed wines at Different Drop, and remember to use the special code VINCASTVKNO to get $25 off your first purchase over $100!


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July 18, 2015 · 12:14 pm

The Vincast with Gary Mills from Jamsheed Wines

Gary Mills didn’t learn how to make wine from any studies or books, he learned by doing. After falling into the wine industry in his home state of Western Australia, he got an opportunity to work in California for one of the most fabled vintners in the state, and his fate was sealed. He eventually returned to Australia and settled in Victoria, where he has become one of the most sought after single-vineyard winemakers in the country.

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Gary Mills from Jamsheed Wines, photo courtesy of Hawk Waka Waka Wine Reviews

Gary Mills from Jamsheed Wines, photo courtesy of Hawk Waka Waka Wine Reviews


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Jamsheed – 13/05/2013

Roussanne Beechworth 2012
Lovely floral quince brightness. Bold textural sweet depth. Very concentrated and generous.

Riesling Great Western 2012
Dense concentrated rich round, not your average riesling.

Healesville Syrah 2011
Lovely smoky ochre toasty. Wild spicy meaty character.

Garden Gully Syrah 2011
Insanely dark deep and intense, interesting celery character on the back.

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Everything new is old again (Yarra Valley, Victoria – 3/05/2013)

Having worked in the Yarra Valley you would think that I knew the region pretty well. Well think again! For one thing it’s not that easy to get out and see a lot of other stuff whilst working, particularly when you don’t even live in the region. For another thing, the Yarra Valley is probably one of Australia’s largest regions geographically, but at the same is disparate and quite sparsely planted. There are many areas that I am still yet to explore outside of the valley floor. The other thing is that the Yarra Valley is possibly one of Australia’s most dynamic regions for wine, constantly reinventing itself with new wineries and winemakers almost every year. For me the exciting thing about this is that it is also one of Australia’s oldest regions, and was the first to gain international recognition back in the 19th century. It was re-established in the 1970s after almost 100 years of ignominy and since then has continued to evolve and develop while maintaining its boutique image. My quest for the day was to visit producers who have only had their own brand for ten years or less but are turning heads for their style and expression that is challenging preconceptions both of the Yarra Valley and Australian wine.

The best view in the valley

The best view in the valley

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Jamsheed – 3/05/2013

2013 Mansfield Riesling
Nice bright crisp bright.

2013 Great Western Riesling
More subdued and less brightness of aromatics. Full focused broad and textured.

2013 Beechworth Roussanne 1
Buttercup sunflower texture brightness.

2013 Beechworth Roussanne 2
Rich bold bursting with fruit.

2012 Beechworth Roussanne 3
Exceptional purity.

2013 Cabernet Franc Carbonic Maceration whole berry vs. whole bunch
Whole berry prettier. Whole bunch more interesting.

2013 Beechworth Shiraz de-stemmed on skins
Bright intense passion fruit skin sharpness. Lovely food wine.

2013 Beechworth Shiraz 80% whole
Denser and more concentrated. Deeper fuller and power. Retaining elegance but needing to settle down.

Yarra Syrah 2012
Raw wild pepper,

Great Western Syrah 2012
Super ballsy intense.

Jamsheed Syrah

Jamsheed Syrah

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