Let’s Taste LIVE – Jamsheed Single-vineyard wines with Gary Mills

Gary Mills from Jamsheed Wines joined me on the 17th of August at 6pm AEST as we tasted his four single-vineyard syrah wines LIVE, allowing viewers to taste along, ask questions and make comments. Listen back to the episode of The Vincast podcast with Gary here. Buy the wines at Different Drop if you would like to taste the wines as well!

Wines tasted;
Yarra Valley ‘Seville’ Syrah 2013
Great Western ‘Garden Gully’ Syrah 2013
‘Pyren’ Pyrenees Syrah 2013
Beechworth Syrah 2013


Jamsheed Seville Syrah 2013

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August 4, 2015 · 10:27 pm

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