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Isole e Olena – 18/04/2012

Chianti Classico 2009
Probably the best I tasted during the week, as it showed very bright and pure red fruits with great harmony, intensity, purity and elegance. This wine is intended to be a classic approachable food-friendly style, but the quality is so exemplary it betrays its unpretentious intent.

Cepparello 2008
Fantastic combination of bright red mineralic freshness with earthy rustic complexity, building generously on the palate with elegant concentration and balance, but will benefit from at least 10 years of cellaring.

Syrah 2006
Had a similar earthy edge to the blackberry and carob notes, but introduced savoury toast and charcuterie elements on the palate, but was not the best example of the variety.

Cabernet Sauvignon 2006
Showed great stalky yet opulent and intense approachability on the palate, and is drinking very well now, it makes me wonder if there really is a terroir for the variety.

Vin Santo 2004
Very surprised to discover a wine that had freshness, balance, complexity and creamy texture, combining custard, raisin and lots of nuts.

The bedrock under Isole e Olena

The bedrock under Isole e Olena

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Chianti to coast (Tuscany, Italy – Day Three)

So far on my journey it’s been a wonderful experience meeting people from each winery and discovering their similar but also different philosophies. Peoples’ philosophies may relate to the management of their vineyards, such as whether they use sustainable practices, are organic or biodynamic. In the winery they may change how they use equipment and additives, what their maturation program is, and how they have designed the layout of their facility. Wineries have different approaches to how they brand and communicate their wines, and also how they welcome visitors to their wineries. The thing to remember is that no one philosophy is the best or right one, as every country, region, producer and audience/market is different. What is most important is to select the right approach for that winery and place, and this is how I have determined to assess whether the philosophy has been successful. Within the space of one day I visited four wineries that had similar but different philosophies, but were all successful in themselves and offer something different. Between the first and last winery I had covered a fair amount of ground, leaving very early and finishing late.
The Black Rooster greets every day in Chianti Classico

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