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Expressions of interest (Cote des Nuits, France – Day Two)

One of the true revelations of my journey has been to discover the four components of what makes a great wine which must all be present and in balance. The first is the vine (obviously), but more importantly the right variety for the place. The place is the second component; for lack of a better term the terroir or the environment, which includes the climate but not the weather. The weather is a part of the third component which is the vintage, and how the specifics of the entire year can influence the character. The final component is the influence that people have, which includes everything viticulturally, oenologically, philosophically, spiritually and financially. All four components have their own influence on the character of the wine and to be a great wine they must be all working together, however one or more of the four often stands out more than the others whether intentionally or not. The most common component to dominate is the human influence of winemaking and something I am beginning to realise is that this is true in every region, even here in Burgundy. Winemakers whether deliberately or not want to impart their signature on the wine through anything from skin contact, use of oak, fruit sorting, ripeness of fruit at harvest and even the type and amount of filtration. So even within a single vineyard you may have slightly (or very) different expressions of the other three components. My day consisted of three appointments, all north of the village of Nuits-St-George.
Water is an important resource for wine production

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Comte Georges de Vogue – 6/12/2012

2011 Chambolle-Musigny
Lovely dark voluptuous nose, really full ripe black cherry pomegranate blood plums and violets. Lovely and fresh, very tight, great lively acids, very soft generous tannins, good structure, light and yet still penetrating. Excellent harmonious expression.

2011 Chambolle-Musigny Premier Cru
Denser and more serious, darker fruit but not as exuberant and lively, less floral more mineral. Quite mysterious and deep in the woods, Hansel & Gretel. Wonderfully vibrant on the palate, lovely concentration, very late liquorice sweetness with some blackcurrant, excellent acids carrying everything, very gentle but assured tannins. Again, a nice bite to it, freshness and texture without weight, alcohol or astringency.

2011 Les Amoureses Chambolle-Musigny
More savoury and earthy, even more brooding and full, earthy and mushroomy. Fuller denser rounder and more rich expression, less overt fruit, more tannin and structure to fill out the freshness and acidity, quite concentrated pure minerality. Precise and straight but also generous.

2011 Bonnes Mares
Floral and dark blueberries, quite exuberant and concentrated, quite sexy and in your face. Very subtle chocolate, heart on its sleeve. Voluptuous sexy rich soft , bold broad and full, still light but super round and generous. Still retaining lovely freshness but rolls around the mouth. A little bit heady…

2011 Musigny Grand Cru Vielles Vignes
Very intense, super minerality, really deep, powerful expression, don’t mess with me kind of seriousness. Subtle and soft, builds very slowly on the palate, powerful bold but far from heavy or extractive, exceptional balance and assuredness, PhD in burgundy.

Comte Georges de Vogue

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