Radoar – Villa Favorita 2015

Muller Thurgau 2013
Fresh linear mineral yet a little open too. Subtlety of texture.

Etza 2013 (mt)
A little more vibrant on the nose, a little wilder and greener. Quite intense on the palate, but still very fresh and good pithiness.

Radoy 2013 (Kerner)
A little shyer on the nose with more green apple notes. Very vibrant explosive fruit on the palate, quite juicy and some RS too. Nice texture, not sure about the 25g of sugar, but then it would get pretty warm.

Zweigelt 2013
Kind of earthy meaty notes, dried red fruits. Fresh on the palate, but that meatiness comes through on the palate. A bit different to done Austrian examples I’ve tasted.

Loach 2012 (zwiegelt, pinot nero)
More intense also more closed on the nose. More tannic, less meaty, very subtle spice notes.

Radoar Muller Thurgau

Radoar Muller Thurgau

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