Cà de Noci – Villa Favorita 2015

DeFratelli 2011
Nice cidery oxidative notes. Bright crunchy freshness, a bit nervous at the moments, very late textural notes.

Nottediluna 2013
Nice and fresh with a hint of stink on the nose, very crunchy yet a little quiet at the moment.

2014 Querciole
Not showing aromatics yet. Wonderfully bold yet lots of finesse, very long and lovely texture.

2014 Tre Dame
A little floral, it lovely spice notes, bright red fruits a bit sour, wild to be sure, showing that funkiness much earlier in this vintage.

Gheppio 2009
Wild earthy foxy chocolate stinkiness. Nice tight ness and focus, not showing as much dirtiness on the palate, slightly mellow.

Campagni di Viaggio 2008
Looking super intense bold and some carob notes.

Aresco 2010
Lovely salty caramel muscaty notes, exceptionally fresh. Really bright and crunchy acids.


Brothers Giovanni and Alberto Masini from Cà de Noci in Emilia-Romagna


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