Marco de Bartoli – Villa Favorita 2015

Lucido Cataratto 2014
Very aromatic, quite floral. Very intense crunchy focused puckering acids.

Pietranera Zibibbo 2013
Intensely aromatic musky jubes. Very dry but open on the palate. Nice grapefruit notes.

Integer Grillo 2012
Smoke on the water. Very sulphury textural savouriness.

Integer Zibbibo 2012
Really interesting influence on the aromatics. A bit wacky on the back but still had that core of fruit sweetness.

Grappoli del Grillo 2013
Mealy wheaty notes. Quite sharp on the palate.

Bukkuram Sole d’Agosto 2012
Intense raisin, intense freshness, very warm on the palate. Exceptionally young and showing some volatility.

Vecchio Samperi
Oxidative nuts, very dry, not sweet in fact. Wonderfully complex, evolved significantly on the palate.

Josephine De Bartoli

Josephine De Bartoli

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