Amadio – 12/04/2013

Arneis 2009
A touch oxidative, but nice and bright citrus fruit. Very clean and light, focuses back in at the back but relatively fresh with fruit and acidity.

Bianco Classico 2009
Clean slightly salty quince citrus fruit. Fresh broad and friendly, very inoffensive and quaffable.

Pinot Grigio 2012
A touch sweaty and reductive, some white peach and pear. Crisp and light, good freshness of fruit and plenty of acidity to cleanse the palate.

Rosso Superiore 2011
Nice bright dark fruit and floral elements, a bit of sweet spice. Juicy and soft but with some spice and savoury notes.

Rosso Quattro 2011
Fairly classic red wine notes, dark red fruits, classic Australian. Suitably fresh and vibrant, lots of clean pleasant fruit,  great drinking wine, why should it be hard?

Sangiovese 2009
Great sang colour, quite light. Minty red fruits, a little floral and eucalyptus. Soft sweet fruit, some volume and lifted tannins, full of flavour but not heavy.

Aglianico 2010
A little closed, tight fruit and fine oak. Bright intense fresh but a nice tightness to the tannins, clean acidic finish. Extremely palatable.

Amadio red wines under pressure

Amadio red wines under pressure

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