Vintage 2012 – Day Two

Today Johannes Joachim and I went out into a number of parcels tasting fruit and looking at the health of the grapes. Samples of some parcels were taken for analysis back at the winery which yielded some interesting data. The afternoon I helped in the packaging line again for an order soon to depart. Here are a few photos.

Joachim and Johannes discussing
I’ve got a lovely bunch of riesling grapes
Joachim takes some samples of riesling in Rothenberg
Lovely mild day in the Rheinhessen
Taking notes on the tastings of fruit
The Pettental vineyard
My second favourite river in the world
Grauburgunder, also known as pinot gris, or pinot grigio
Something called portugese; no-one knows what it is exactly
A tiny little bunch of pinot meunier called schwarz (black) rielsing here
Measuring the oechsle

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