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Ronco dei Tassi – 2/04/2012

Ribolla Gialla 2011
Recently sulphured so was quite reductive on the nose, but was very fresh and light on the palate, showing harmony and texture with pure green apple characters.

2011 Pinot Grigio
Showed the same freshness, but with more floral and nashi pear notes, more warmth and texture and some lees derived creaminess.

2011 Friulano
Looking quite funky and cheesy, having much more lees contact, and was ripe and powerful on the mid-palate with a clean mineralic finish.

2011 Malvasia
More crunchy tropical ripeness, and whilst being bold was haunting and smoky on the back of the palate.

2011 Collio Bianco
A blend of ribolla gialla, pinot bianco, friulano and malvasia, quite possibly the best Italian white wine I have tasted. It had lovely fresh apple and kiwi notes on the nose, coupled with a mineralic blue cheese complexity. It was subtle and expressive, elegant and rich, lofty and confident.

Enrico Coser in the Ronco dei Tassi winery

Enrico Coser in the Ronco dei Tassi winery

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You’re welcome (Friuli, Italy – Day One)

If you close your eyes, ears, nose and brain, you can almost imagine what Venice must have been like centuries ago when it ruled a vast merchant empire the envy of the world, enough to inspire Shakespeare to set his famous “The Merchant of Venice” in. Shutting off the senses is vital, as the tightly packed streets are filled with either tourists from around the world, or those working to support the tourism industry. Venice is hardly a city that people live in, and for this reason after two days I was pretty sick of it. I shudder to think what it is like in summer, but if it is anything like Paris then it’s almost not worth it. Everything is a little bit more expensive and far from authentic. Thank goodness they at least have one youth hostel, which had possibly the worst breakfast so far on my trip, but in Venice 23 Euro is nothing to sneeze at. After a weekend wandering the alleys and canals I drove up into the other great white wine region of Italy, Friuli. It is similar in some ways to Alto Adige, in the sense that it shares history and culture with its neighbouring countries Austria and Slovenia, it is predominantly white wine focused and there are a range of both indigenous and introduced varieties. What it does not have in common is the micro-climates, as Friuli is a much more Mediterranean climate where they get a lot more rain and warmth, and thus the varieties and styles differ. In spite of the slight difference in culture (and language), the warmth and generosity is the same.

Yours truly with the Rosazzo Abbey behind me

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