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Trembath & Taylor New Arrivals Tasting – 19/06/2013

Toscolo Vernaccia 2012
Lovely bright floral notes. Tight crisp a little green but fresh acids.

Marcarini Roero Arneis 2012
Bold full of fruit and juby, but still crisp fresh and light, with some nice carry on the palate.

Pieropan Soave 2012
Precise mineralic pure focused and very crisp. Light clean yet not without personality.

Villa Matilde Fiano di Avellino 2011
Beautiful shellfish expressive fruits. Pure and tight yet intense, a touch warm and generous but linear.

A.Mano Rosato 2012
Very floral rosy pomegranate musk. A little too light and without body and character.

Giovanna Tantini Bardolino 2011
Bright intense juicy plum and hints of clove. Soft mellow yet fresh and friendly. Sweet core of fruit lingers.

Hauner Salina Rosso 2011
Quite shy and subtle. Very savoury textural but enough flesh to fill the mouth and soften. Tough to assess without food.

Damiano Ciolli Silene Olevano Romano Cesanese 2011
A touch different, quite rustic stinky. Surprisingly dense and full, quite tannic and bold in dark fruit. Almost aggressive on the front.

Collemassari Rigoleto Montecucco 2011
Bold earthy rustic slightly oaky notes. Not as heavy and full as you’d expect, expressive but still light and fresh.

Poderi Colla Nebbiolo D’Alba 2010
Super tight and intense, will take a whole to open up.

Contorno Fantino Barbera D’Alba Vignota 2011
Earthy generous atypical of the variety. A little simple, product of the vintage.

Carnasciale Toscana IGT 2010
Spicy and peppery of all things. Broad generous and forward but earthy red fruits.

Pieropan Amarone 2009
Spicy and dark plum fruits. Bold intense builds in the palate, good whack on the back palate. Classic vintage expression.

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Poderi Colla – 10/04/2012

Pian Balbo Dolcetto D’Alba 2010
Combined rose petals, pepper and spiced plum aromas, and on the palate was very bright and tight, with some raspberry acid freshness.

Costa Bruna Barbera d’Alba 2009
Showed more of the earthy oak derived oxidative notes, more brooding but at the same time softer and more voluptuous on the palate.

Dardi Le Rose Bussia Barolo 2007
Oodles of earthy tar, dark chocolate and blackcurrant aromas, on the front palate showed raspberry rose petal and on the back had sweet black fruits and dried parsley.

Roncaglie Barbaresco 2007
A much more perfumed yet delicate nose, and silkier more approachable tannins, finesse but still plenty of oomph.

Bricco del Drago 2007
85% dolcetto, 15% nebbiolo, quite dense and earthy on the nose, and slightly closed, expressing full dark fruit and oak characters with softness and intensity. It is a wine with which I need to gain more familiarity, and for now I’m putting it in the “too hard basket.”

The Poderi Colla range

The Poderi Colla range

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It’s getting serious (Langhe, Italy – Day One)

If you are passionate about wine, there are a few places in the world that give you goosebumps at the mere mention of their name. Places like Burgundy, Bordeaux, Mosel, Rioja, Tuscany, Napa Valley, Margaret River, Mendoza, Willamette, Wachau. One of the most important places is Piedmont, and more specifically the Langhe, where some of the greatest red wines in Italy are produced. If you haven’t heard of the nebbiolo grape, then you have possible heard of Alba, its official home. Alba is to Italy what Burgundy is to France; cool climate, rolling hills, centuries of tradition, identified sites. The nebbiolo grape has many similarities to the pinot noir grape as well, and it has been suggested that very old burgundy is almost indistinguishable from very old barolo. Compared to burgundy, barolo and barbaresco is great value, but it can still take a dent out of your hip-pocket (if that makes sense). The there’s always Nebbiolo d’Alba, or Langhe Nebbiolo. And if this is still a bit steep, there are numerous other varieties you can imbibe, both red and white, still and sparkling, sweet or dry, from this wonderful part of Italy that would take several months to do properly. As it is, I only have four days on this trip, and have restricted myself mostly to Alba.

Old spumante equipment

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