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The Wild West (Toro, Spain)

Only 30 minutes away from Valladolid is the town of Toro, but the difference is so apparent you would almost guess it was 3 hours away. Driving around the villages in this area almost feels like driving through an old west town from the movies, as it feels the landscape and lifestyle feels very familiar. It actually reminds me of being back in the Salta region of Argentina, albeit on much smaller scale. Life is a bit simpler and tougher here, and it is a common site to find Toro bulls destined for the bullfighting ring grazing in paddocks by the road. In this area the valley opens up and is significantly flatter as the Duero River approaches Portugal to become the Douro and flows out into the Atlantic Ocean. The landscape is significantly drier ad tougher for the cultivation of vines, which is part of the reason viticulture was almost entirely abandoned many years ago. Fortunately many vineyards were not removed and there are some seriously old vines growing close to the ground in very sandy and sometimes alluvial soils. The rediscovery of this region came during the boom of Spanish wine, when wines like the Ermita and Pingus were gaining attention for their immense power and structure, unlike any other wine made in Europe. All of a sudden the region exploded, and the number of wineries went from six in 1998, to over 50 today. The first winery I visited on my only day in Toro brought attention to the region, and the second confirmed its status as the next big thing. The third winery shows how good and affordable wine can be made even in such a harsh climate.

The biggest church in Toro

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Numanthia – 21/06/2012

Numanthia #3 2011
Wonderfully intense dark colour, black purple. Quite reductive nose at the moment, very shut down in fruit, oak hiding a lot, needs some time to open up and express. Very dry black fruits, toasty dark floral notes, nice smoky toasty element from the oak. Dark dark toasty intense but not too heavy, retaining some acidity surprisingly, closed fruit for now, some interesting savoury spice notes, but quite sweet full tannin structure, and great length.

Termanthia 2011 #2 (hand destemmed, small oak vat open ferment)
Incredibly intense but not overly aromatic nose, wonderful dark fruits, cherries, blackberries, dark liquorice and sweet Indian spice notes, some earthy and very subtle toast notes. Wonderfully supple and soft in the mouth, builds incredibly on the palate and explodes on the back. Very powerful and warm expression, huge concentration from old vines and low yields, again retaining some freshness so it isn’t heavy or too aggressive in the tannins.

Numanthia 2010
Quite closed fresh off the bottling line, some dark fruit notes, very subtle chocolate. Much more intense and concentrated than the 2011 looks at the moment, big difference in vintage conditions? Warmer sweeter tannins, cassis, blackcurrant, slightly pruney, needs a few months transport to the US to soften and open. Quite a powerhouse at the moment.
Numanthia 2010

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