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J.L. Wolf – 15/02/2012

Weissburgunder 2010
Thrilled to see a balanced yet textural weissburgunder that actually had some personality.

Grauburgunder 2010
Disappointed to taste a very simple grauburgunder, presenting as out-of-balance with too much sweetness and lacking in extension on the palate.

Riesling Trocken 2010
A great expression of cool-climate riesling, lovely and fresh citrus notes with good acid fruit balance.

Wachenheimer Riesling Trocken 2010
Lovely floral peach nectarine freshness on the nose, and some residual sugar derived texture and viscosity to offset the acids.

Wachenheimer Riesling Spatlese Trocken 2010
Much more subtle and haunting on the nose, and significantly more complex and intense, finishing with a slight herbal spice element.

Pechstein Spatlese Trocken 2010
Sourced from the top parcel, and has a very volcanic explosive nature on the nose and palate, with everything turned up to 11. It also presents as very wild and unpredictable, something that would be fascinating to see develop in the bottle.

J.L. Wolf tasting

J.L. Wolf tasting

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Pfalz start (Pfalz, Germany – Day One)

After four and a half months of visiting a few hundred wineries on three continents, it’s interesting looking back and deciding which were the best to visit, but not necessarily had the best wines. When I had the owner of the winery as a host it was always fascinating as you get the full story, and can ask any question and get a thoughtful and clear answer. Whether they own the winery or not, it is also great to get the perspective of the winemaker as they are the ones determining the style of the wine, and can also provide much more technical answers. Sometimes it has been great to get the perspective of a commercial/marketing director, as they provide insights on dynamics and branding. With no disrespect intended (particularly as I have worked in the position myself), rarely do hospitality/cellar door hosts provide any insights into the winery, and often are unable to provide all the answers. This is not to say that I don’t have enjoyable or interesting visits with these hosts, but I don’t always learn something. Occasionally they also don’t understand the nature of my visit, and in extreme cases ask if I would like to buy any bottles in spite of my restricted budget. This mostly happened in North America though.

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