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Hofstatter – 20/03/2012

Kolbenhoff Gewurztraminer 2010
A nice subtle and earthy density, quite bold and textural without sweetness or overt viscosity.

Barthenau Vigna Ste. Michelle Pinot Bianco 2009
Showed very clean pure and fresh citrus notes on the nose, but with very intense crunchy acids and concentration of fruit and texture on the palate.

Kolbenhofer Vernatsch/Schiava 2010
Very light closed nose, soft light tannins and fruit, and is a wine that would go great with tomato based dishes.

Barthenau Pinot Nero 2007
Reductive red cherry tightness on the nose, depth and solid fruit, but at the moment the alcohol and oak are a little strong.

Steinraffler Lagrein 2008
Soft and mellow, with powerful yet supple tannins, but was a little simple and lacked depth and personality.

Hofstatter wine bar

Hofstatter wine bar


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Italian generosity (Alto Adige, Italy – Day Two)

For I think the first day since I arrived in Europe, today I was able to go outside not wearing my jacket, as the weather was sunny and warm(ish). Alto Adige actually gets over 300 days of sunshine each year, which not helps for the ripening of the grapes, but also gives everyone here a sunny outlook. One of my hosts on the previous day actually asked me if I had brought the rain and fog with me from Germany. Part and parcel of this sunny outlook is their love of simple pleasures, such as good food and wine. On my first two days in the region, two wineries gave me lunch, and another offered to put me up for a night nearby. When you have been travelling for six months with another 10 to go, watching money steadily drain out of your accounts, these simple gestures have the biggest resonance. It also puts me in a really positive mood, and lets me overlook any difficulties I may be having with my travel. The great news is that I have some work organised in Germany and my visa is not far away, the problem is that I have to return to Germany to collect it in person. Ce la vie!

My first prosciutto crudo in Italy

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