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Elena Walch – Prowein 2015

Pinot Bianco 2014
Excellent freshness brightness with just enough pithy texture. Looking good, needs to settle a bit.

Pinot Grigio 2014
A bit shyer on the nose, crunchier but fuller and warmer on the palate.

Castel Ringberg Pinot Grigio 2013
Nice intensity and depth, but still a good clean finish, rounder and still very fresh. Slightly toasty barrel savoury.

Kastelaz Pinot Bianco 2013
Richer fuller and much more textural, long on the palate but still with a bit of fruit sweetness.

Castel Ringberg Sauvignon 2013
Nice rich ripe style, solid varietal character without being too obvious.

Gewürztraminer 2014
Extremely fresh, textured but not fat, extremely oily or sweet.

Kastelaz Gewürztraminer 2013
Really fantastic, one of the best examples you are likely to find. Not fat or oily, focused with exceptional texture.

Pinot Nero 2013
Solid. Super solid. Fresh light and bright.

Ludwig Pinot Nero 2012
Denser sweeter dark fruit, more intense but still quite light and fresh, very classic in style. Oak there but not too oppressive.

Castel Ringberg Lagrein 2010
Slightly sweeter more oaky expression of the variety but still retaining that slight herbal spiciness.

Kermesse Cuvée 2011
Big wine, but very fresh, intense but not oaky. Bold tannins, lagrein makes a nice addition.

Karolina Walch with the Beyond the Clouds 2012

Karolina Walch with the Beyond the Clouds 2012

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Elena Walch – 16/06/2014

Pinot Grigio 2013 (screwcap)
Nice clean fresh pure varietal character. Very clean bright inoffensive fresh style. A little too easy.

Pinot Bianco 2013
A bit squeakier on the nose, a little sweeter and broader in the fruit structure, rolls a bit more on the palate. No less fresh and clean.

Castel Ringberg Sauvignon Blanc 2013
Quite ripe guava passion fruit. Great ripeness without being fat, juicy fresh and concentrated varietal notes.

Gewürztraminer 2013
Soapy fresher expression, initially warm but finishing clean. Nice subtle fruit notes.

Rosé 2013 (Pinot Nero, Merlot & Lagrein)
Quite candied and pretty, strawberries and cream. A tad on the sweet side, good fruit fresh balance. Extremely safe wine.

Castel Ringberg Kalterersee 2013 Schiava
Very pretty sweet berry wine nose, exceptionally inviting, sweet and spicy at the same time. Really lovely.

Pinot Nero 2012
Nice and light, very fresh and fruit driven. Good quality.

Lagrein 2013
On the closed side at the moment, but quite pretty. Quite tight at the moment, focused acids and tannins, good length for the quality. Nice personality.

Castel Ringberg Lagrein 2009
Sweet plummy cherry wood notes, a little bit more maderised in a modern way. Far too oaky and sweet.

Ludwig Pinot Nero 2011
More powerful expression of the variety, a lot more classic style. But style very vibrant and fresh, with much more structure and finesse, length too.

Cashmere 2010 Gewürztraminer Passito
Really rich intense floral fruit honeyed nose. Quite thick and sticky, some food freshness and balance. Some mature cheese rind notes.


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Elena Walch – 20/03/2012

Castel Ringberg Pinot Grigio 2010
A slightly creamy orchard fruit richness on the nose, with finesse and a hint of sweet spice on the palate.

Selezione Gewürztraminer 2011
A talcy classic gwt nose with some rose petal and turkish delight, and had great balance between opulence and freshness on the palate.

Selezione Lagrein 2010
Juicy and intense black fruit and spice notes, had very bold tannins on the front palate but clean and fresh on the back.

Kermesse 2007
A blend of 20% of each of syrah, merlot, cabernet sauvignon, petit verdot and lagrein, is robust in oak character but it is much better integrated with the fuller fruit and tannin elements.

The Elena Walch

The Elena Walch

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Italian generosity (Alto Adige, Italy – Day Two)

For I think the first day since I arrived in Europe, today I was able to go outside not wearing my jacket, as the weather was sunny and warm(ish). Alto Adige actually gets over 300 days of sunshine each year, which not helps for the ripening of the grapes, but also gives everyone here a sunny outlook. One of my hosts on the previous day actually asked me if I had brought the rain and fog with me from Germany. Part and parcel of this sunny outlook is their love of simple pleasures, such as good food and wine. On my first two days in the region, two wineries gave me lunch, and another offered to put me up for a night nearby. When you have been travelling for six months with another 10 to go, watching money steadily drain out of your accounts, these simple gestures have the biggest resonance. It also puts me in a really positive mood, and lets me overlook any difficulties I may be having with my travel. The great news is that I have some work organised in Germany and my visa is not far away, the problem is that I have to return to Germany to collect it in person. Ce la vie!

My first prosciutto crudo in Italy

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