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Falesco – Vinitaly 2015

Le Pòggere 2014
A bit soapy at first, but showing the same crispness and focus. Bright a bit candied from the malvasia, nice freshness of acidity from the traminer, and a bit of crunch from the roschetto.

Vitiano Bianco 2014
Nice subtle floral notes, a bit of melon lychee. Very fresh on the palate, not bright and crunchy, more textural and round, lovely wine. I like it.

Tellus Oro 2014
Kind of an oiliness on the nose, quite rich on the palate but still very fresh, with some fruit sweetness as well.

Soente Viognier 2014
Very viognier like, but not fat or rich, quite lean tight and focused. Actually a very good example!

Ferentano 2012
Creamy caramel nutty notes, round sweet texture, creaminess with some ripe stone fruits.

Vitiano Rosato 2014
Nice and bright, lovely fresh strawberries, sweet fruit textures, quite a bit riper than the 2012, but very very drinkable.

Vitiano Rosso 2013
A nice crunchiness on the nose, quite sweet in dark fruits, soft and mellow but a good amount of freshness on the palate. Really good.

Poggere Rosso 2013
Has that crunchy tight spicy impression, but now a bit fuller and rounder on the palate, still a good amount of freshness and drive though.

Vitiano Cabernet 2012
It’s fine.

Tellus Syrah 2013
Nice subtle herbal note, good intensity of tannin, very vibrant and fresh, a great drinking wine.

Trentanni 2012
Solid, very solid. Very good freshness, at least oak isn’t getting in the way and complicating things.

Montiano 2012
Super tight tannins need plenty of time to soften up and open out, but good balanced acidity will keep this wine living a long time.

Marciliano 2011
It’s pretty good, but Montiano is better.

R2 Sagrantino di Montefalco 2009
Tannins, it’s got plenty of them…

A giant bottle of Falesco Trentanni

A giant bottle of Falesco Trentanni

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