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All things bright and beautiful (Sancerre, France – Day Two)

Sancerre is another one of those wine words that is almost a synonym for white wine. The white wines have been well known along time not only in France but also in the UK, where as has been suggested by Chris Kissack, Sancerre is an easy name to say and thus ask for. Sancerre is on the Loire River and is thus part of the valley, but it is a long way even from Touraine let alone the western parts of the Loire. It is actually closer to Burgundy which it has more in common in terms of terroir, climate and even varieties. The AOC for Sancerre white wines was created in 1936 around the same time that most of the AOCs in the Loire Valley were established. The cultivation of grapes in this part of France is believed to date back to the Roman era, so it has a much longer history. The name is taken from the village where a castle once stood with nine towers, only one of which remains. This hill and surrounding slopes make it ideal for viticulture in a pretty cool climate, as the exposure to the sun improves ripeness. This is in contrast to Touraine which is a little more flat but also a little warmer. The key grape variety here is sauvignon blanc and is without question the best known place for the variety. 20% of the vineyards however are planted to pinot noir which produce both red and rose wines for which an additional AOC was created in 1959. With the market changing away from sancerre red wines they are beginning to produce more rose wine which is in a very light dry and food-friendly style. The white wines differ depending mostly on the specific terroir on which the vineyards are planted, and also a little on how the wines are vinified.
Always work to be done in the vineyards

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Domaine du Nozay – 27/11/2012

Estate 2011
Clean crisp fresh fruits, very (very) subtle green herb aromas, but mostly about the crispness of the fruit and freshness of the acids. Quite bold and expressive on the front palate, lot’s of lovely ripe fruit, citrus leading very much into tropical characters. Really lovely and full in flavour, fills every corner of the palate, but fades quickly and freshly. Perhaps a much riper part of the appellation? Leaf thinning making a big difference in the final ripening of the berries?

Chateau du Nozay 2011
More subtle and subdued, quieter and more reflective, showing a little more influence of minerality, a little sea influence, I want some shell fish style. Rounder yet bolder, builds on the palate, wonderful depth, not a lot of concentration, harmonious but also young and reflecting the oak treatment a little at the moment. Sample a little cold to be honest. Will actually age quite well, I’d like to see its trajectory. Some texture lingers on the palate. Less fruit more savoury vegetal influence.

Domaine du Nozay wines

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