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Delamotte – 18/01/2012

Nice bright and fresh, great fruit aromatics, citrus. Nice mid-palate fruit balance, pear and apple, minimal yeast autolysis interference, friendly fresh wine.

Brut Blanc de Blancs
Lovely fresh citrus florals, pure chardonnay expression, amazing vibrant fruit palate.

Blanc de Blancs 2002
More subtle autolysis fruit combination, toasted marshmallow and brioche. Glazed peach honey, rich broad toasty caramel, peach cobbler, nice texture.

Salon 1999
Amazingly subtle charcuterie, wild flower honey lemon butter. Floats above the plate, waves and waves of complexity, hints of creamy generosity, ethereal, there but not there, powerful expression yet hauntingly subtle.

Delamotte wines

Delamotte wines

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The Prestige (Champagne, France – Day Three)

As aficionados and visitors to Champagne would know, there are considered to be three main areas where grapes are grown in the region. Two of these areas are between Reims and Epernay; the Montagne de Reims which is famous for pinot noir, and the Marne Valley famous for Pinot Meunier. The third area is to the south of Epernay, and is the Cote de Blanc famous for chardonnay. It just so happened that the majority of the houses I visited in 2010 were in either Reims or Epernay, and occasionally in Ay and Mareuil-Sur-Ay, which are both in the Montagne de Reims. I was very pleased therefore to get the opportunity to drive down into the Cote de Blancs for the first time to make my first appointment for the day. It would no doubt have been nicer during Spring, Summer or Autumn, but at least I got an idea of the terroir of the appellation.

The famous Clos de Mesnil

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