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The source (Ribera del Duero, Spain – Day One)

As I’ve probably already said, my trip isn’t just about wine. Naturally the most important thing for me is to travel to the regions and visit wineries to learn about the places, people and processes behind the many and varied wines of the world. As I have also probably said, wine isn’t just about what is in the glass and the facts about how it was made. So many things influence wine that it is hard to have one without the other. Cuisine for example, or culture. The previous weekend I went to San Sebastian to indulge in the former, and this past weekend I went to Bilbao to indulge in the latter. Specifically I wanted to visit the Guggenheim, and add it to the list of iconic galleries/museums I have visited in the last year, which include the Louvre and Musee d’Orsay in Paris, the Uffizi and l’Acedemia in Florence, and the Met in New York. After visiting the Guggenheim in Bilbao I have now visited all three (the others are in New York and Venice respectively), but the Bilbao was probably the most impressive in terms of architecture and collection. Having got a bit of a culture fix, I journeyed to the eastern part of the Ribera del Duero region, which lies in the next valley south from Rioja. On my first day I ventured deep into the very mouth of the river to visit two producers who are doing things a little differently.
Outside the Guggenheim in Bilbao

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Cillar de Silos – 18/06/2012

El Quintanal Verdejo 2011 (Rueda)
Crisp grassy SB salty focused ripe tropical notes. Good light texture and weight, approachable and fresh, good balanced purity of fruit. Some nice viscosity and volume, fresh aperetivo wine but great with food too.

Rosado de Silos 2011 (100% tempranillo, 5-10% is the top grapes’ pressings)
Wonderfully aromatic, very rich and creamy nose, lovely candied strawberries and cherries, some red liquorice and blackcurrants too. Bright fresh, fruit sweet and creamy texture, full in flavour and very easy to drink, but nice structure and lightness. Definitely a fruit-sweet appearance, but well balanced and food-friendly.

El Quintanal Tempranillo 2011 (Ribera del Duero)
Dark yet mellow notes on the nose, ripe black fruits and some earth and spice notes. Bold yet soft and full voluptuous tannins, very fresh and light, easy to drink, plenty of approachable attractive fruits, but relatively good structure and balance. Simple yet structured.

Joven de Silos 2011
Dark subtle closed fruit at the moment. Some concentrated dark fruits, a little bit of dried spices, some fruit sweetness on the back, good character and balance. Acid freshness holding things together, a tad exuberant and warm at the moment.

Cillar de Silos 2009 (Crianza)
Bright intense nose, very beautiful dark yet fresh fruits, very subtle oak influence, a little nutty creaminess. Quite tight and focused, very locked up fruit, slightly warm and oaky but only because it is a little reductive. Certainly a textural structured wine.

Torresilo 2008
Vey serious intense but also subtle aromas, red fruits, red earth, mature and integrated oak. Focused and driven, warm on the back of the palate, still young. Finesse and elegance but also power, not unlike a Barbaresco. Juicy dark fruits but fantastic acids and freshness, great balance. Lot’s of ageing potential.

Torresilo 2009
Slightly darker more intense colour. More reductive closed dark fruits, less subtle oak aromas for the moment. Sweeter tannins, more concentrated dark fruits, less focus, more approachability. Fuller more expressive flavour, not the same structure. Very agreeable dark fruit appreciation, great wine for many people.

Flor de Silos 2007
Seductive dark fruits and floral aromas, some toast but also savoury elements, quite an intense experience. Dark and soft, velvety tannin structure but still wonderful structure. Dark oak elements but not adding to the sweetness of the fruit profile. Very voluptuous round tannins, more new oak influence.

Flor de Silos 2005
Wonderful concentration, excellent maturity, density and richness, dark fruits, ripe florals, chocolate spice. Wonderful depth and complexity, bright most definitely and a classic style, but developing some wonderful tertiary elements, some dusty chocolate and balsamic notes. Still has a slightly sweet profile on the front, but fading nicely.

Flor de Silos 2004
Wow, wonderful deep and intense, not as full on the dark fruits, some serious savoury characters. Locked away tight, some creamy texture and retaining some youthful oak. At least 20 years cellaring potential. Amazing concentration, intensity and focus, structure depth, lot’s of expression and power. More youthful than the 2005. An absolute classic.
A barrel of the good stuff

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