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Bortoluzzi – 3/04/2012

Pinot Grigio 2011
Classic Italian freshness and crispness, with citric and apple notes, but was far from simple having texture and balance.

Friulano 2011
A similar intensity yet delicacy of acidity, but was more textural and rich in the mid-palate, showing salty minerality and some skin contact complexity.

Sauvignon Blanc 2011
Very elegant tropical fig and passionfruit aromas, with light touches of smoky, was bold and fresh on the palate but very approachable.

Traminer 2011
Challenging aromatically as it was very reductive under sulphur, but had a very wild character on the palate, dry and savoury with a character reminiscent of hot dog water.

Bottles of Bortoluzzi being filled

Bottles of Bortoluzzi being filled

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Once in a lifetime (Friuli, Italy – Day Two)

One of the guiding principles of my trip is to attempt to enjoy regional cuisine along with the regional wines as often as possible. My theory is that the cuisine of the region organically developed to match with the wines of the region (up until about 40 years ago), and if I can understand the food of the region I may better understand the wines, and the experience will strengthen the memory. The major difficulty I have with this principle is the restrictions of my budget, which is important I adhere to if I want to travel for as long as I intend. This isn’t much of a problem, except that the food I can afford is not always the best. For this reason I always relish any invitation I have for lunch or dinner with one of my winery hosts, not only because it is a free meal. The occasion has increased since arriving to Europe, particularly Italy where I have enjoyed lunch and dinner on numerous occasions. The food experience I had on my second day in Friuli however, was one of the most surreal and amazing, and will stay with me forever, as you will read below.
Does it get any better than this?

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