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Bollinger – 17/01/2012

Special Cuvée
Wonderful harmony, rich toasty balance, delicate yet complex and full, toasted hazelnuts and a very food friendly NV.

La Grande Année 2002
Much tighter and fresher nose, citrus and apple crumble. Exceptional acid integration, toasty depth and richness, small berry notes, smoked cheese barrel characters.

Rose NV
Very clean and balanced but showing little character and texture.

Grande Année Rose 2004
Very impressive, exhibiting lovely savoury elements of game, smoked salmon and delicate truffle notes. No surprising the strength of the grand cru pinot noir they are using for this wine.

RD 1995
The golden colour was very noticeable compared to the other white champagnes. The way the multitude of flavours gently caressed the palate gaining momentum as it made its way back, was simply extraordinary. Poached pear combined with shiitake, roasted pine nuts combined with salted pie crust.

Bollinger RD 1995

Bollinger RD 1995

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I see you are a connoisseur, Mr. Bond (Champagne, France – Day Two)

The weather seemed to get colder on the second day I was in Champagne, which makes it harder to acclimatise after six weeks in the South American summer. Possibly because my body is used to being in the Southern Hemisphere, I noticed the early symptoms of a cold, which I also battled with when I was in Northern USA and Canada. I was glad that I had brought my thermals with me, which I had never worn away from the snow in Australia. Some of my hosts laughed that it got much colder, but I’m not used to walking around in zero degree temperatures.

Amazing dessert at Le Table Kobus in Epernay.

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