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Allegrini – 28/03/2012

Soave 2011
Very crisp and fresh, with some nice depth and texture, something I like to see in the style.

Valpolicella Classico 2011
Bright floral juicy nose, and was pleasant and spicy on the palate.

La Grola 2009
Much darker and tighter, slightly fuller and darker as well – a good wine but hardly unique.

Amarone Classico 2008
Very fresh and had lovely fruit sweetness, supple yet firm tannins and great balance.

La Roya Amarone 2007
A significant step up; very deep and intense (possibly due to the warmer vintage), very prominent on oak at the moment, showing some great signs of complexity but requiring a bit of cellaring to open up some more.

A gorgeous view over Valpolicella

A gorgeous view over Valpolicella

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Pitstop (Valpolicella, Italy – Day Two)

Wandering around Verona for a day, I truly felt like I had arrived to Italy, and also I had walked onto a living breathing Shakespeare set. The city is beautiful, and has all the elements of a classic Italian city; Roman ruins, cobbled (pedestrian) streets, piazzas, trattorias, fashion stores, and lots of stylish attractive people. The city was full of people, partly taking advantage of the great weather, but also a combination of tourists and visitors for the Vintitaly fair which started on the Sunday. The fair itself is away from the centre of town, and so doesn’t interfere with daily life in Verona too much. But I’ll talk more about Vinitaly in a separate post.

Me above Valpolicella

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