Let’s Taste – Mandala 2014 Reds

Another new producer for the Let’s Taste series, this time from a very familiar region. Mandala Wines are a Yarra Valley based producer that focuses on classic varieties for the region. I was thrilled to have a chance to look at their premium reds across three varieties, unfortunately there was a technical problem with the initial record and I lost one of the wines. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Wines tasted;
Mandala ‘The Prophet’ Pinot Noir 2014 – RRP $50.00
Mandala ‘The Rock’ Shiraz 2014 – RRP $50.00
Mandala ‘The Butterfly’ Cabernet Sauvignon 2014 – RRP $50.00

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April 11, 2018 · 5:36 pm

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