Paternoster – Vinitaly 2015

Biancore (Fiano) 2013
Very floral musky notes, nice saltiness. Bright fresh salty but good green fruit notes. Tight lean mineral style.

Synthesi 2012
Earthy nutty Rosemary dark fruits. Focus tightness but very bright light and lean, very approachable style, nice supple tannins.

Giuv 2012
Darker more brooding forest fruits, showing red earth characters. Fresh bold crunchy vibrant great.

Rotondo 2012
More crunchy bold intense savoury leathery oak tannins exceptionally well-integrated, very long, just a great red wine.

Don Anselmo 2010
A lot more subtle closed complex concentrated dense built from cement.

Vito Paternoster

Vito Paternoster

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